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Reelect President Bush for the 2nd term: Evidence & Proofs

Why President Bush should have his second term? The arguments can be drawn from Gas price, Job creation and War in Iraq scientifically. If it is scientific, it must observe the same result, test in the same experiment and constitute a mathematical truth.

Pending Oil Crisis

Heavens, what are we up against? It seems these days that we are inundated with worsening situations, not just in Canada but worldwide: Increasing terrorism threats; Global arrests of Al Qaeda operatives; More corruption in our Canadian Liberal federal government; A backlash against Official Bilingualism resulting in Mini Official Bilingualism referendums, that incidentally are overwhelmingly against implementing Official Bilingualism in Canada's Capitol; A new Republic of Western Canada demanding separation of the West from the Canadian Constitution. Worrisome issues that all Canadians should be concerned about.

Colts' Stadium Short on Horse Sense

The predominant discussion in the Indianapolis media over the proposed $500 million Colts stadium is how to fund it, not over the wisdom and propriety of taxpayers going into debt to build it.Apparently the leaders of both major political parties in Indiana have signed off on the concept, including a poor building design, and are content to confine their discussion to who's picking up the tab.

A Cheap Holiday in Other Peoples Misery (catching up with Mordechai Vanunu in Israel)

One of my favourite pieces of music is the Sex Pistols' classic 'Holidays in the Sun' - a song that begins with the line, 'a cheap holiday in other people's misery'. This would have made a fitting epitaph for my holiday in Israel, except that the $3000 air ticket meant that it wasn't exactly cheap.

Simple Middle East Peace Plan


Bush Panders America's Kids to Saudi Pederasts

President Bush and Secretary Powell should hang their heads in shame. The administration professes to value America's children and touts the phrase "No Child Left Behind.

Top 30 Politics Quotations

"It is the duty of every citizen according to his best capacities to give validity to his convictions in political affairs." -- Albert Einstein"Politics, n.

The "Manchurian Candidate": Lee Harvey Oswald?

An American soldier is taken behind enemy lines and brainwashed as an unwitting assassin by communists in league with American political figures. This soldier then returns to the States to kill a presidential candidate as part of a political scheme to escalate and exploit Cold War tensions.

Abu Ghraib: Our Surprise is the only Surprise

As pictures and videos surface showing young American soldiers humiliating and dehumanizing Iraqi prisoners, we, as a society, recoil in disgust and disbelief. Friends and family of those charged with such crimes, shake their heads in bewilderment and assure the world that the perpetrators are normal, caring, loving individuals without any prior sadistic or bullying traits.

A Look Ahead to 2008 (Part I)

Just as everyone has breathed a sigh of relief at the end of 2004 presidential campaign, I would like to take a quick look ahead to 2008. Unless George W.

A Look Ahead to 2008 (Part II)

Last week, I began my look ahead to the 2008 presidential campaign with the potential Republican candidates. Today, I will continue by taking a look at the potential Democratic candidates.

A Workable Alternative to Term Limits

The end of another election once again brings into focus the problem of Washington politicians raising money and running for re-election as soon as they get into office. Many citizens and various government-accountability advocacy groups have done little more than complain from time to time.

A Noble Attempt To Bring Peace in Assam

United Liberation Front of Assam (ULFA), one of the most powerful militant organizations operating in the northeast region is in the limelight again but this time for a better reason. Attempts to initiate talks with the center and the group are in progress.

Bush Victory: A Defeat for the Have-Nots?

The shouting is over and directions for the next four years selected. Judging by past behavior (the best predictor, psychologically, of future behavior), we can look forward to:1.

The Ugly American Returns!

Originally published in 1958, "The Ugly American" (Lederer & Burdick) documented American blunders abroad and our failure to identify that what we termed communism in undeveloped countries was merely the screams of hunger and hopelessness becoming manifest. 15 years later, we extricated ourselves from Vietnam and licked our wounds for 30 years, finally coming to some sort of accommodation with free fire zones, Agent Orange, and My Lai.

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On Politics: New Details on Russia’s Efforts to Influence American Politics  The New York Times

Two new reports say that Russia's influence operation used Instagram to target African-Americans and limit Democratic voting — and that it's still going on.

How We View Our Reality Shapes Our Politics. But Facts Still Matter.  FiveThirtyEight

Earlier this year, National Journal politics editor Josh Kraushaar noted that President Trump had benefited politically from the perception that the economy was…

Things other than politics to debate at your family gatherings  Star Tribune

OK, so political arguments are off the table at family holiday gatherings this year. But that doesn't mean that you can't fire up a good debate or two. Here are ...

In farewell, Ryan sees solutions if 'politics will allow it'  WTOL

WASHINGTON (AP) — Outgoing House Speaker Paul Ryan is bemoaning America's "broken politics." He's also using a farewell speech to say that ...

In post-Soviet lands, theology and politics are hard to disentangle  The Economist

IN MOST Western democracies, including those like Denmark and England which for historical reasons have a state church, the fortunes of this or that form of ...

Lawlor re-emerges after rehab stint and quitting politics  Chicago Daily Herald

*Fresh* from a stint in rehab for an unspecified drug addiction and under criminal investigation for misspending on a county-issued credit card, former Republican ...

People with extreme political views have trouble thinking about their own thinking  Popular Science

Radical political views of all sorts seem to shape our lives to an almost unprecedented extent. But what attracts people to the fringes?

The new identity politics of Hollywood  The Week Magazine

In 2018, filmmakers and TV writers had a lot on their minds. But one of the enduring preoccupations, for artists and audiences alike, was the need to discover ...

Michael Flynn sentencing delayed: Live updates  CNN

Michael Flynn, a former national security adviser to President Trump, will be sentenced after pleading guilty to lying to the FBI. Follow here for the latest.

How two angry protests sum up Europe’s politics  The Washington Post

Want smart analysis of the most important news in your inbox every weekday along with other global reads, interesting ideas and opinions to know? Sign up for ...

Trump agrees to shut down his charity amid allegations that he used it for personal and political benefit  The Washington Post

President Trump has agreed to shut down his embattled personal charity and to give away its remaining money amid allegations that he used the foundation for ...

On Politics With Lisa Lerer: Republicans Got Their Health Care Wish. It Backfired.  The New York Times

The G.O.P. is forced to reckon with health care, an issue Democrats hammered them on in the midterms; plus, the latest updates on the 2020 race.

The National Gallery of Identity Politics  Wall Street Journal

'Every thing is what it is and not another thing,” observed the 18th-century British philosopher Joseph Butler. If that seems obvious, you haven't been paying ...

Politics Podcast: Should Democrats Play Dirty?  FiveThirtyEight

Last week New Jersey Democrats backed off from a plan that would essentially gerrymander their state in Democrats' favor, while Wisconsin Republicans went ...

On Politics: Republicans in Congress Have a Shutdown Problem  The New York Times

As the deadline to avert a partial shutdown approaches, many lawmakers have been skipping votes since House Republicans were swept from power.

Why the U.S. Should Stay Out of Saudi Politics  Foreign Affairs

The killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi shows Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman's (MbS) recklessness. U.S. policymakers should reject the prince's ...

A Power Grab? Politics as Usual? Michigan’s Governor Will Decide  The New York Times

All eyes are on Gov. Rick Snyder, who is considering whether to sign bills by Michigan's Republican-dominated legislature that would limit the power of ...

Politics and religion are juicy topics in two 90-minute comedies on D.C. stages  The Washington Post

“None of us has a job,” says the established senator in “Kings,” Sarah Burgess's savvy process play about the sausage-making of politics. “We are all in a ...

How Russia Hacked U.S. Politics With Instagram Marketing  Foreign Policy

In June 2017, some eight months after the election of Donald Trump as U.S. president, Kremlin operatives running a digital interference campaign in American ...

Kremlin Denies Roiling US Politics Through Social Media  TIME

The Kremlin has rejected as baseless reports about a Russian political disinformation campaign on U.S. social media.

Fixing South Africa State Companies Comes Second to Politics  Bloomberg

South Africa's government is facing potentially unpopular decisions needed to fix state companies that are drowning in debt, bleeding cash and fettering the ...

Political operative with SC roots hired to recruit attorneys general  Charleston Post Courier

A political operative with deep South Carolina roots has been tapped to head up a national group that aims to elect Republicans to attorney general posts across ...

Trump frets the economy will be his political Achilles heel  CNN

Washington (CNN) Never shy about taking credit for the stock market when it soared, President Donald Trump has been characteristically quick to assign blame ...

Game on: The new politics of Gulf financial intervention - AEI  American Enterprise Institute

View related *content*: International Economics, Middle East. There are two kinds of intra-GCC rivalries now. First, the long-standing “boys with toys” competition ...

110 things that happened in American politics in 2018  CNN

There were a lot of things that happened this year in American politics, some of which you may have already completely forgotten about. Here are 110 of them:

Campaigns & Elections. Lobbying & Government.  Florida Politics

I hope I am reading this wrong. But before I get into what exactly I am reading let me say this: We can argue whether or not a losing campaign ran the right ads ...

Paul Ryan retires: Ryan’s identity politics  Vox

In his final months in Congress and as House speaker, Paul Ryan has been on a farewell tour decrying “tribal identity politics” — the David Brooks argument that ...

Ocasio-Cortez takes time off for 'self-care,' laments loss of yoga sessions due to politics  Fox News

Congresswoman-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez hasn't yet started her new job, but she's already taking a break. The Democratic Socialist said Monday that ...

On Politics: The Biggest Stories of the Week  The New York Times

It's been a busy week in American politics. Here are some of the stories you might have missed.

Nike, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and other brands got political in 2018  Vox.com

Companies used to remain mum on any topic deemed impolite for the dinner table — religion, sex, politics. But in the Trump era, even traditionally apolitical ...

Russia used social media for widespread meddling in U.S. politics: reports  Reuters

Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election on social media was more widespread than previously thought and included attempts to divide ...

Bull City Politics: Former councilman and mayoral candidate Farad Ali leaving for NYC  The News & Observer

Former Durham mayoral candidate and Durham City Council member Farad Ali, chairman of the Raleigh-Durham International Airport Authority, is heading to ...

The Atlantic Politics & Policy Daily: When Ducey Picked McSally  The Atlantic

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey appointed Republican Representative Martha McSally to fill the Senate seat being vacated by Senator Jon Kyl.

Ex-Flynn business associates charged with trying to influence US politicians in Turkish lobbying case  CNN

Two former business associates of former national security adviser Michael Flynn were charged with trying to influence American politicians to seek the ...

Comey's warning to Trump  CNN

He may be an imperfect messenger, but James Comey's warning is still chilling.

Must-Reads of 2018: Poker, Politics and, Yes, Bob Dylan  Bloomberg

Most lists of the year's best books reflect the personal tastes of those who produce them. This list is different. It's entirely objective. What unites these six books is ...

Narendra Modi: Is hardline Hindu politics failing India's PM?  BBC News

Last week's electoral losses in five states for India's ruling party has led to speculation that its agenda of promoting hardline Hindu politics has backfired.

People with extreme political views ‘cannot tell when they are wrong’, study finds  The Independent

People with radical political views, both on the left and the right, are less able to judge when they are incorrect, a study suggests. Scientists at University College ...

Tamara Keith and Amy Walter on administration staff turnover  PBS NewsHour

NPR's Tamara Keith and Amy Walter from the Cook Political Report join Judy Woodruff to discuss “off-the-charts” levels of staff turnover in the Trump ...

In surprising move, SNL mostly avoids Trump (and politics in general) in year’s final episode  The Washington Post

For the past few seasons, the show has almost relentlessly attacked the Trump administration. It took a break for a unifying holiday episode.

The Billionaire's Inbox: The Ricketts On Capitalism and Electoral Politics  Splinter

Welcome back to The Billionaire's Inbox, where we hear from the other half, in its own words. Today we're looking at the Ricketts family's political attitudes and ...

Business 'watching in horror' as PM plans for no-deal Brexit  The Guardian

Five leading organisations say UK is not ready and parliament must back Theresa May's deal.

Celebs, keep your politics to yourselves | Feedback  NJ.com

To all the Hollywood elitists and professional sports stars: Don't you get that the American public spends its hard-earned dollars to watch you sing a song, act in ...

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez highlights how rare self-care is among the working class and people of color  The Washington Post

The holidays can be a stressful time, even for some of America's most powerful. For Rep.-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), it's been especially tough.

Investors are hypersensitive to politics  CNN

Wall Street often ignores political headlines. Earnings and the economy are what matter most to the market. But it's getting harder for investors to brush aside ...

The Atlantic Politics & Policy Daily: Kyl Switch  The Atlantic

Arizona Senator Jon Kyl, who was appointed to replace the late Senator John McCain in September, announced that he will resign from the Senate on ...

The Gods That Will Fail  The Atlantic

If voters are freighting politics with religious significance, we need to drain it of the expectation of transcendence.

On Politics: Tabloid Company Agrees to Cooperate in Trump Hush-Money Inquiry  The New York Times

Prosecutors took a big step in their inquiry into payouts made to two women ahead of the 2016 election, saying that The National Enquirer's parent company was ...

The Next Koch Doesn't Like Politics  POLITICO

Chase Koch, son of Charles, wants to steer the conservative juggernaut his family created toward a kinder, gentler libertarianism.

Politics Podcast: Theresa May Still Has A Job, But Brexit Still Has No Solution  FiveThirtyEight

In this episode of the FiveThirtyEight Politics podcast, we take a break from Washington and make sense of a chaotic week in British politics. Two professors fr…

PM Mahathir and his old-style politics are back with a vengeance in Malaysia  The Straits Times

Pakatan needed Mahathir to defeat Umno. The deal comes with a price in hardball politics.. Read more at straitstimes.com.

Maria Butina Pleads Guilty to Conspiracy to Influence U.S. Politics  The Wall Street Journal

A Russian woman accused of acting as an agent of Moscow pleaded guilty to being part of a conspiracy to influence U.S. politics by becoming involved with the ...

Pope invokes new set of beatitudes for 21st century politicians  Angelus News

Pope Francis often refers to the biblical Beatitudes as a path in the pursuit of mercy and personal holiness. Yet perhaps recognizing that the Bible never could ...

Politics cloud felon voting rights restoration in Florida  Reuters

TAMPA, Fla. (Reuters) - Elections officials across Florida say they expect former felons to flock to their offices to register to vote next month when a newly passed ...

The 'yellow vest' protest reflects a new dividing line in Western politics  The Washington Post

For Stephen K. Bannon, the way to create an enduring populist majority is to combine forces on the left and right. That's why he was in Italy this year, where ...

Politicians: Lebanon Set to Get New National Unity Government in Days  VOA News

Lebanon is on track to form a new national unity government in the next few days, politicians said on Tuesday, raising hopes for an end to more than seven ...

Museum of the Bible offers rare respite from partisan politics in D.C.  CNN

By offering a broad array of programs for people interested in the Bible, the museum offers a neutral ground in Washington D.C., where schools, neighborhoods ...

The Politics of Memory in Barry Jenkins’s “If Beale Street Could Talk”  The New Yorker

Richard Brody reviews Barry Jenkins's “If Beale Street Could Talk,” starring KiKi Layne and Stephan James and based upon the novel by James Baldwin.

Succeeding in German politics while female  The Washington Post

Constanze Stelzenmüller is a German writer and the Robert Bosch Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution. I'm no fan of reducing complex political and social ...

The Complicated Politics of the Gilets Jaunes Movement  The New Yorker

Elisabeth Zerofsky on the gilets jaunes movement in France, in which protesters in yellow vests have taken to the streets of Paris.

The Hardest Glass Ceiling in Politics  POLITICO

This was supposed to be the year of the woman. But dozens of female political operatives say they weren't invited to the party.

‘SNL’ Destroys President Trump, Causing Him to Call for Courts to Intervene  Rolling Stone

Saturday Night Live Weekend Update co-host Colin Jost came out swinging against embattled President Donald Trump, starting an onslaught of spot-on jokes ...

Fred Greenstein, 88, Dies; Political ‘Psychologist’ Assessed Presidents  The New York Times

Fred Greenstein, a pre-eminent scholar of political psychology who devised a systematic approach to evaluating the leadership styles of American presidents ...

Political tribalism in Trump’s America: what Andrew Sullivan gets wrong  Vox.com

Sullivan's essay on political tribalism shows he's blinded by his own.

Longtime politics writer says Trump is 'certainly the worst president' in his lifetime  CNN

Longtime political journalist and columnist Al Hunt says Donald Trump is "certainly the worst president in my lifetime."

Trick or real? CNRP split over Cambodia move to ease politics ban  Al Jazeera English

Self-exiled cofounder calls government decision a political maneuver but others see it as sign of genuine improvement.

Safecrackers, Quant Funds and Machine Politics  Bloomberg

The weekend is here! Pour yourself a mug of Danish blend coffee, grab a seat by the window, and get ready for our longer-form weekend reads: Economics: The ...

After 45 years, farewell to the campaigns, the politicians, the ‘cue and the readers  The News & Observer

For 45 years, N&O columnist Rob Christensen has covered politicians for The News & Observer. He has covered every governor since Terry Sanford and every ...

Outgoing Congressman Michael Capuano: 'It's not me'  Boston.com

Outgoing U.S. Rep. Michael Capuano says he knew even before his eventual successor Ayanna Pressley challenged him in the September primary that this ...

The nation's cartoonists on the week in politics  POLITICO

Every week political cartoonists throughout the country and across the political spectrum apply their ink-stained skills to capture the foibles, memes, hypocrisies ...

Labour and Tories clash over call for confidence vote  The Guardian

Labour and the Conservatives were embroiled in a high-stakes row over whether to stage an immediate vote of no confidence in the government after the ...

Trumpy Bear: the perfect Christmas gift, no matter your politics. No, really  The Guardian

A teddy bear that looks like Donald Trump is said to be selling well with Democrats and Republicans alike. It's a far cry from the Teddy Roosevelt-inspired ...

NSW Minister Pru Goward announces retirement from politics  ABC News

NSW Family and Community Services Minister Pru Goward has fought back tears announcing her retirement from politics after almost 12 years in office.

We’re giving Russia’s trolling team too much credit  The Washington Post

There's not really much question that Russia's efforts to interfere in the 2016 election had a significant effect. Hackers believed to be working for the country's ...

Unearthing the connection between politics and history with Joanne B. Freeman: podcast & transcript  NBC News

Imagine what would happen if your Senator was beaten bloody on the Senate floor. Or if your Congressperson pulled a gun on a member of the opposition party ...

Guyon Espiner: Politics wasn't all scandal and leaks this year  Radio New Zealand

Analysis - This assessment may surprise you coming from someone who spends his professional life criticising and critiquing politicians: Over the past 20 years ...

Immaturity in American Politics  The New York Times

Alan Wolfe discusses “The Politics of Petulance,” and Nadja Spiegelman talks about two books by Lucia Berlin.

Trey Gowdy says he'll return to politics if Tim Scott runs for president  Charleston Post Courier

South Carolina retiring congressman Trey Gowdy has insisted he's done with politics on every level, but he's willing to make an exception for best friend Sen.

Books on Politics: Best of 2018  The Wall Street Journal

One of the inscrutable ironies of the last two years is that a New York real-estate mogul and reality TV star has forced so many academics and intellectuals to ...

Climate Change Emerging From the Political Shadows  The Wall Street Journal

What's the sleeper issue of the new political cycle? Here's a good bet: It will be climate change. The signs are proliferating rapidly. Twin wildfires in California last ...

Model Chrissy Teigen can’t grasp British politics. No one in Britain can, either.  The Washington Post

"Think of a plate of spaghetti. Only the plate is missing, it's all over the table and someone is crying," read one explanation of British politics.

A Fact-Checker’s Guide to Thanksgiving Politics  The New York Times

With the holiday on the heels of the contentious midterm elections, it may be inevitable that your angry uncle or radical niece will turn talk to the campaigns, the ...

Facebook, Google to pay Washington $450,000 to settle lawsuits over political-ad transparency  Seattle Times

The tech companies admitted no wrongdoing in the settlement of the lawsuit filed by Washington state Attorney General Bob Ferguson.

Huawei, Google and the tiring politics of tech  TechCrunch

The defining question of the 21st century is pretty simple: who owns what? Who owns the telecommunications infrastructure that powers our mobile devices?

Bay Area political events: Wildfires, Julian Assange  San Francisco Chronicle

Upcoming political events in the Bay Area. SATURDAY Julian Assange: A panel discussion on the indictment of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. Sponsored ...

The politics of a plot to kill Sri Lanka's president  Reuters

A plot to kill the president, links to foreign intelligence, a rogue police officer and a missing sniper: the snippets of news emerging from Sri Lanka in recent weeks ...

Butina’s Help Shows U.S. How Russia Wormed Into GOP Politics  Bloomberg

Maria Butina was no spy. No trained Russian agent would appear on videos chatting up American governors or brazenly posing as a reporter to question a ...

The towering political figures who died in 2018  Business Insider

2018 saw the deaths of several key figures who, for the last century, shaped the world's political stage for good or bad.

From Mueller to Kanye West, here's this year's White House Christmas poem  USA TODAY

Since Bill Clinton was president, Greg Clugston's poems have detailed both the politics and headlines in the nation's capital.

Politics Isn’t Pretty. But Politicians Are.  The New York Times

And now for a shallow — but honest — take on the midterms.

House Democrats’ democracy reform package: good policy and smart politics  Vox

House Democrats have decided on their priority legislation for the next Congress, and it's all about improving the quality of American democracy. HR 1, the bill ...

Brexit drives May from incompetence to mental disintegration  The Guardian

The prime minister's out-of-date software systems seem to have crashed completely.

N.Y. Democrats Vowed to Get Big Money Out of Politics. Will Big Money Interfere?  The New York Times

The state's campaign finance laws are among the nation's weakest, and Democrats campaigned on a vow to strengthen them. But politics may intervene.

Politics in 2018: The year in review  Newshub

Jami-Lee Ross, Clare Curran and a Prime Ministerial baby make it one of the most unpredictable yet.

Sacre Bleu state — a warning to progressive politicians in California  San Francisco Chronicle

The “yellow vest” riots in Paris should alarm Democrats, especially the new progressive governors in blue states like California. As with the president of France, ...

Not just Ocasio-Cortez: the fixation on women politicians’ clothes  Vox.com

Ever since women started holding political office, Americans have been obsessed with their clothes. Here's why that's a problem.

Age of Mediterranean rescue ship Aquarius comes to an end  PBS NewsHour

Due to political pressure and harassment from European governments, Doctors Without Borders is ending operations of its last rescue ship, Aquarius, which has ...

Diane Abbott: Twitter has 'put racists into overdrive'  The Guardian

Diane Abbott has said she experiences more racism now than at any time in her 35 years in politics, as research has found black female politicians and ...

Cupp: Trump's White House is political ipecac  CNN

SE Cupp discusses the recent departures in President Donald Trump's White House and says it is foreshadowing for others who will likely become targets of ...

A citizens’ assembly could break the politicians’ Brexit deadlock  The Guardian

Our politics and our parliament is in deadlock over Brexit. But if we choose to learn from other countries in how we resolve our differences, this could be a ...

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