Pregnancy Information

Pregnancy Information

Glutathione for a Healthier Pregnancy

All parents-to-be nurture the dream of a healthy pregnancy and baby.But the modern environment and diet is deficient in many factors essential for the health of mother and fetus.

Pregnancy and Pre-natal Vitamins

Pre-natal vitamins are important to the health of a growing baby. They are also important to pregnant mothers because their bodies are going through so many changes.

Get Back Your Pre-Pregnancy Abs With Side Planks

The foundation of fitness for a mom is her abdominal area. To moms a flat stomach is wonderful; a strong abdominal core is critical.

Pregnancy, Diabetes, and Your Feet

There are so many changes the body undergoes during pregnancy that it becomes easy to ignore the changes in the feet. During pregnancy the body releases hormones that allow the ligaments to relax in the birth canal.

Coping With an Unplanned Pregnancy

Your period is late and you start to think maybe you might be pregnant. Maybe you are afraid to go take a test because you don't want to find out the results.

Successful Weight Loss After Pregnancy

How fast you lose weight will depend on a number of factors, including the amount of weight you gained during your pregnancy.Most women will lose anywhere from 10-14 pounds within the first 2 weeks of delivery.

Sex & Pregnancy...Do They Mix?

As a pregnant woman, you may experience sex drives much like your moods. Up and Down! Some women claim that they have no sex drive at all during pregnancy, and others, say their sex drive is better during pregnancy.

Twins Pregnancy?A Father's Point of View

So you're expecting twins. Congratulations!Are you still in shock? I sure was.

Pregnancy and Tanning Beds

With summer approaching, you would love to wear those cute maternity sun dresses, but you don't want to show off your pale white skin. Now, you need to decide what is the best way to tan without possibly putting your baby in danger.

Extent of Pregnancy Prejudice

Extent of pregnancy prejudice in Britain's workplacesEach year around 30,000 working women are sacked, made redundant or leave their jobs due to pregnancy discrimination, according to alarming new research findings released recently by the Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC).The research quantifies, for the first time, how many pregnant women and new mothers say they are experiencing discrimination in workplaces across the country.

Keeping Cool When Pregnant

Chill Out: how to keep your cool this summerWhen the heat is on, life can become very hard when you are pregnant. Instead of looking forward to those long, hot August days, you may find yourself dreaming of igloos and frozen ice-caps, so try out these tricks to help you keep your cool when the temperature rises.

Dealing With Common Pregnancy Complaints

Pregnancy is not without its side effects. During pregnancy your body will undergo many hormonal changes.

Weight Gain During Pregnancy: Choosing The Right Foods

So you need to gain weight but don't want to gain too much weight during your pregnancy right?There are many things that you can do to improve your diet and ensure that you gain a minimal but healthy amount of weight during pregnancy.Choosing the right foods is important because you will be able to loose weight more quickly after delivery if you manage your diet during pregnancy.

Pregnancy Symptoms, Signs and Symptoms of Being Pregnant

EARLY PREGNANCY SYMPTOMSAlthough a lot of women experience pregnancy symptoms, and find signs of being pregnant, other's don't "feel" pregnant. Certain signs and symptoms of being pregnant can be confused with other illnesses.

10 Pregnancy Risk Factors that Every Pregnant Woman Should be Aware of

Many factors affect the development of a fetus into a healthy child, some which are beyond your control and others that are within your control. Here are ten of the most common pregnancy risk factors that can be controlled or influenced:Smoking - Smoking is not only bad for you, but bad for your baby as well.

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Next Pregnancy, Take a Birth Vacation | Immodest proposal  OZY

The sandy shores of Sunny Isles, a beach north of Miami, is now nicknamed “Little Russia” for the scores of women who vacation here for months at a time.

Study suggests painkillers taken during pregnancy not a cause of asthma in kids  Medical Xpress

A study of almost 500000 women indicates that taking paracetamol or other painkillers during pregnancy is not responsible for increasing the risk of asthma in ...

Infection during pregnancy increases your baby’s risk of autism, but not by much: study  Global News

Babies born to mothers who had an infection during pregnancy are at an increased risk of autism spectrum disorder and depression, a new study has found.

How Can a Woman Have a Baby Without Knowing She’s Pregnant?

An OB-GYN explains how it's possible for a woman to have a baby without knowing that she's pregnant.

12 moms open up about how they coped with pregnancy-related depression  HelloGiggles

Read what 12 moms had to say about how they made it through depression during pregnancy.

Mom Who Lost Two of Her Triplets Is Pregnant Again: It's 'Scary, but Also Beautiful'

After two of Stacey Skrysak's triplets died following their birth more than 17 weeks early, she was scared to have another child.

Something else to avoid in pregnancy: Phthalates - Harvard Health Blog  Harvard Health

Most pregnant women know that they should avoid things like alcohol and tobacco while they are pregnant, as well as certain foods like sushi and soft cheeses.

Some Women Fall Pregnant on Birth Control, And This Could Be a Key Reason Why  ScienceAlert

Human experience shows us that contraception isn't always foolproof, but a new study is the first to ever highlight a genetic explanation for why birth control ...

Amy Schumer's Hilarious New Netflix Special Takes on Pregnancy and #MeToo  The Daily Beast

Amy Schumer's new comedy special, Growing, may be her best one yet. It also happens to arrive on Netflix Tuesday amid a storm of chaos for the comedian who ...

A woman faked a pregnancy and deceived the adoptive parents. The motive remains a mystery.  The Washington Post

Laura and Matt Trayte, who planned to adopt the baby, say the ruse was a "psychological attack."

Study Finds Dot™ App Highly Effective at Preventing Pregnancy  BioSpace

WASHINGTON, /PRNewswire/ -- Cycle Technologies announced today that its fertility app Dot™ was shown to be highly effective at preventing pregnancy in a ...

Long overlooked by science, pregnancy is finally getting attention it deserves  The Washington Post

Pregnancy is essential to the future of humanity, and it's way too mysterious.

Pregnant vegan is outraged when husband suggests she should eat meat for their baby's health  Daily Mail

A first-time mother-to-be, who has followed a vegan lifestyle since birth, vented her fury over suggestions, from her husband, that she should eat meat during ...

Kate Middleton Ends Pregnancy Rumors by Drinking Guinness

This weekend, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge headed to the 1st Battalion Irish Guards at Cavalry Barracks in Hounslow, England, to spend their Sunday ...

Can you lose weight during pregnancy? How to stay safe  Medical News Today

Many women wonder whether it is safe or healthy to lose weight during pregnancy. In this article, we discuss the potential risks of doing this and explain safe ...

Meghan blooming during pregnancy as baby due date nears  Irish Examiner

Meghan Markle appears to have glided through her pregnancy with ease. Meghan was out and about in the early days. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex meet ...

Pregnancy symptoms week 2: What to look for  Medical News Today

Doctors measure pregnancy from the first day of a woman's last period, so week 2 is often when conception occurs. Learn more about the possible symptoms ...

Smoking during pregnancy doubles risk of sudden death for baby, study says  CNN

Smoking even one cigarette a day during pregnancy can double the chance of sudden unexpected death for your baby, according to a new study analyzing over ...

Better access to IUDs drives huge 20% drop in teen pregnancy and abortions, study finds  Daily Mail

Colorado's progressive Family Planning program provided free access to IUDs and drove down unintended teen pregnancy in the state, new Texas A&M ...

Why Do Some People Think Kate Middleton Is Pregnant With Her Fourth Child?  The Cheat Sheet

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are soon due with their first child, and the world has been on edge since they announced the pregnancy. While most of the ...

Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Garner Clap Back to Pregnancy Rumors: 'Can We Raise' Them Together?

Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Garner hilariously responded to a tabloid report that said they were both pregnant.

Nuvo Group LTD Presents Data on Remote Monitoring in Pregnancy at the 66th Annual Society for Reproductive Investigation (SRI) Meeting  Benzinga

PRINCETON, N.J. and PARIS, March 18, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The need to acquire more and better pregnancy data in a manner that is convenient and ...

Stacey Solomon gets real about the downsides of pregnancy  Prima

Stacey Solomon has revealed the downsides of her pregnancy, and it turns out the Loose Women star isn't 'in love' with being pregnant. Read why on ...

Can You Get Pregnant From Precum?  Self

It's a common question among the trying-to-avoid-having-a-baby set: Can you get pregnant from precum? Also, what is precum? Is it like a semen warning shot ...

Recruitment of pregnant women in randomized trials: What could hold us back? - BMC Series blog  BMC Blogs Network

For many years, members of the Dutch Consortium for Healthcare Evaluation and Research in Obstetrics and Gynecology (NVOG Consortium) have been ...

Pregnant Krysten Ritter Shows Off Her Baby Bump Weeks After Announcing She's Expecting

"New dress who dis," mom-to-be Krysten Ritter captioned a selfie showing off her baby bump in a black-and-white polka-dot frock.

Removing pregnant police officer from front line was discrimination  Personnel Today

A case where a pregnant police officer was taken away from front line duties and placed in a desk-based role was pregnancy discrimination and indirect ...

All Your Questions About Pregnancy Sex, Answered  Fatherly

Sex that leads to pregnancy is often hot, but sex during pregnancy isn't always as fashionable. There is, after all, a baby involved and babies tend to change ...

Excess pregnancy weight gain tied to risk for delivery complications, study says  Fox News

Women who gain more weight than recommended while pregnant may increase their chances for serious complications at delivery, a study of more than a ...

Stacey Solomon says pregnancy is AGEING her and she fears postnatal depression  Mirror Online

The Loose Women star is noticing more grey hair as her baby bump grows - and expressed concern she could suffer postnatal depression again.

Major Study Finds Pregnancy Issue Actually Linked to Autism, And It's Not Vaccines  ScienceAlert

It's a common but erroneous belief among anti-vaxxers that if a pregnant woman gets jabbed, she puts her unborn child at risk of autism.

Let's Stop Pretending Stretch Marks Aren't A Normal Part Of Pregnancy  Scary Mommy

Women will be quick to point out the "luck" of not getting stretch marks. Stretch marks are a normal part of pregnancy, let's not forget that.

Risking a new mother’s life: How high BP during pregnancy may lead to kidney failure  The News Minute

Often, symptoms of serious kidney diseases in a pregnant woman are assumed to be pregnancy-related. Once the pregnancy is over, the woman continues to ...

Sex drive during pregnancy: Understanding libido changes  Medical News Today

Among the many changes that women experience during pregnancy, they may notice that their sex drive increases or decreases in different trimesters.

Genes may be why some women on birth control still get pregnant, study claims  Fox News

It's long been assumed that women who get pregnant on birth control pills somehow erred, possibly by forgetting a dose. But a new study suggests some women ...

Dear Abby: Second pregnancy is too much for family asked for support  SF Gate

Dear Abby: My niece (age 25), despite numerous warnings against getting pregnant, deliberately did three years ago. It was an affair with a man who is in a ...

The pregnancy of Meghan, Britain's Duchess of Sussex  Reuters

LONDON (Reuters) - The Duchess of Sussex, former U.S. actress Meghan Markle, is due to give birth this Spring to her first child with husband Prince Harry, 34, ...

Understanding Pregnancy Basics Could Make Childbirth Safer : Shots - Health News  NPR

Remarkably little is known about the fundamentals of how a woman carries a baby inside her. Two Columbia University researchers aim to change that, ...

Smoking while pregnant sends sudden infant death syndrome risk soaring  Health24

Researchers have concluded that doctors should strongly encourage women to give up smoking during pregnancy, or if they can't quit, to smoke less.

Unisom and vitamin B-6 for morning sickness: Are they safe?  Medical News Today

Many pregnant women take vitamin B-6 and Unisom to treat morning sickness. In the past, some people had concerns that this combination may harm the fetus.

A woman faked a pregnancy to deceive a California couple. The motive remains a mystery.  The Mercury News

By Meagan Flynn | The Washington Post. The baby seemed real up until the moment she was supposed to be born. Laura and Matt Trayte were in the waiting ...

What Is Choriocarcinoma? My Healthy Pregnancy Gave Me Cancer  Self

After I gave birth to my son, a pregnancy test during a follow-up appointment helped discover a rare form of cancer, choriocarcinoma, in my uterus.

Extreme weather can stress pregnant women—and their unborn babies  Popular Science

Extreme weather events can worsen prenatal depression in mothers, harming their children.

Here's What You Need To Know About Pregnancy Myths | HuffPost Canada  HuffPost Canada

There are a ton of misconceptions about what women can and can't do while they're pregnant. Here's a quick rundown separating the real from the.

Sharks' Kane reveals wife lost child during pregnancy

Sharks winger Evander Kane delivered a statement on social media on Thursday in regards to his recent absence from the team.

Snatchers review: finding the humor in teen pregnancy and parasitic bug-monsters  The Verge

Welcome to Cheat Sheet, our breakdown-style reviews of festival films, VR previews, and other special-event releases. This review comes from the 2019 SXSW ...

Pregnancy disorder subject of new Tulane study  News from Tulane

An imaging technique used to detect some forms of cancer can also help detect preeclampsia in pregnancy before it becomes a life-threatening condition, a new ...

Um, Lady Gaga Just Addressed Those Pregnancy Rumors

Lady Gaga just responded to rumors that she's expecting a baby and announced new music while she was at it—find out what she said here.

Kayla Itsines busts pregnancy myths, shares her go-to pregnancy workout  ABC News

Itsines, who has more than 11 million Instagram followers, is expecting her first child.

Reese Witherspoon denies pregnancy claims in the most hilarious way  HELLO!

Reese Witherspoon has responded to a magazine claim that she is expecting a baby - with hilarious results! See what all her A-list pals said.

Woman Who Killed Baby in Reckless Freebirth is Pregnant  Patheos

A California woman who killed her baby after attempting an unassisted birth at home announced her pregnancy on Instagram.

Police: Woman collected thousands in fake pregnancy scam  WCTV

A Tallahassee woman is now facing charges, accused of faking a pregnancy in order to steal thousands of dollars from a prospective adoptive mother.

The Fate of Kate's Pregnancy and Honoring Jack: This Is Us' Most Emotional Episode Yet in Season 3

"That's what's so special about naming a child after a loved one," Chrissy Metz told PEOPLE about Jack's legacy.

Abortions late in pregnancy: a doctor explains the facts

The Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act and a Virginia bill have focused debate on abortions late in pregnancy. A doctor spoke to Vox about the reality ...

‘Laura would be very happy’: Md. moves toward harsher penalties for crimes against pregnant women  WTOP

The Maryland Senate approved a bill Friday that would allow for stronger sentences for defendants convicted of violent crimes against pregnant women.

New Test Can Identify Dangerous Condition in Pregnancy  Times of Oman

A new test can quickly identify a common and dangerous condition during pregnancy and help keep mothers and babies healthy and safe. < Previous PageNext ...

SW Virginia woman accused of faking pregnancy arrested  WJHL-TV News Channel 11

Police have arrested a Southwest Virginia woman accused of faking a pregnancy.

Effects of using marijuana while pregnant and breastfeeding  INSIDER

As marijuana use during pregnancy increases, experts say we still need more research on the drug's effects on those pregnant and breastfeeding.

Emmerdale spoilers for next week - sexual abuser 'caught', revenge and pregnancy heartbreak  Mirror Online

Kim Tate's return spells trouble for one young Dingle while another's grooming looks set to be exposed...

Royal SHOCK claim: Diana delivers WARNING to Meghan from the grave ahead of baby birth

PRINCESS Diana has delivered Meghan Markle a warning from the grave - a few short weeks before the Duchess is expected to give birth, according to an ...

The 1 Reason Jessa Duggar is Upset About Her Third Pregnancy  The Cheat Sheet

Jessa Duggar and husband Ben Seewald announced in January that they're expecting their third child. Since then, Duggar has been sharing photos of her baby ...

WPI study looks at impact of weight-shaming pregnant women  Boston 25 News

Having a baby can be one of life's greatest joys for a woman, but it's also hard on her body.

'I was diagnosed with cancer at seven months pregnant'  BBC News

Sarah Hanan was at work when the doctor phoned. She had been expecting the call. A day earlier, seven months pregnant with her first child, the 29-year-old ...

Amy Schumer is being applauded for mocking traditional pregnancy photo shoots  The Independent

Amy Schumer has hilariously mocked traditional maternity photo shoots with her new pregnancy photos featuring ducks and Spanish moss.

What's killing pregnant women and new moms in the U.S.?  Deseret News

When it comes to deaths related to pregnancy and childbirth, America doesn't look good compared to other developed countries. And the statistics on mortality ...

City woman jailed for seven years for faking pregnancy - Entertainment News  SDE Entertainment News

She waited until the complainant was away and stole the baby.

Implantation bleeding | Early signs of pregnancy  Kidspot

With experts debating whether implantation bleeding actually occurs, we take a look at the evidence to help you understand what your body is trying to tell you.

Tiny Harris' Mom Dismisses Troll's Pregnancy Speculation About Granddaughter Zonnique Pullins  Atlanta Black Star

Rumors of Zonnique Pullins being pregnant are still floating around the Internet, and it's prompting her family members to come to her defense against detractors ...

First semi-identical twins identified in pregnancy  Science Daily

Boy and girl twins in Brisbane, Australia, have been identified as only the second set of semi-identical, or sesquizygotic, twins in the world -- and the first to be ...

4 tips for moms interviewing while pregnant  TODAY

The founder of 'The Mom Project' provides 4 tips for moms interviewing for jobs while pregnant.

Everyone Thinks Halsey's Pregnant and She Just Issued a Response....

Fans are speculating that Halsey is pregnant and she just issued a response—find out what she has to say here.

Japan warns firms not to fire pregnant foreign trainees, as interns fear impact on work status  The Japan Times

SAPPORO - The government has warned companies against dismissing or unfairly treating foreign trainees who get pregnant while working in the country, ...

Ashley McAtee Wirkus Hospitalized for Shingles While Pregnant | The Daily Dish  Bravo

Ashley McAtee Wirkus recently spent some time in the hospital after coming down with a case of the shingles while pregnant with her first child. The Summer ...

Infection while pregnant may increase child's risk for autism, depression, UW study says  KOMO News

SEATTLE -- A study led by University of Washington researchers found that children whose mothers were hospitalized with any kind of infection during ...

Fate of Kate's pregnancy is center stage on 'This Is Us'  Associated Press

LOS ANGELES (AP) — "This Is Us" routinely brings viewers to tears. Next week, it's taking them to the theater. The hit NBC series will air an episode modeled on ...

Vitamin B in pregnancy prevents brain ailments in baby: Here’s all you need to know  Times Now

New York: Besides flu vaccines, maternal intake of a vitamin B nutrient can prevent babies from brain disorders caused by cold or flu in pregnancy, say ...

House bill would require signs: 'Pregnancy and alcohol do not mix'  Detroit Free Press

Under a bill passed by the state House, establishments that serve or sell alcohol in Michigan must post signs warning of the dangers of drinking.

Pregnant policewoman stripped of front-line duties wins sex discrimination case against her force  Daily Mail

An 'ambitious' police officer who was removed from front-line duties and put on a desk job because she was pregnant has won a sex discrimination case against ...

Jennifer Garner Pregnant And Getting Married To John Miller?  Gossip Cop

A tabloid claims Jennifer Garner is pregnant with boyfriend John Miller's baby and the two are planning a wedding. Gossip Cop can debunk the story.

April the Giraffe ‘profoundly advanced’ in pregnancy on Thursday, expected to deliver soon  WJW FOX 8 News Cleveland HARPURSVILLE, N.Y. -- It's almost time for Animal Adventure Park to welcome a new calf. According to the ...

This drink that ONLY pregnant women have is great for weight loss!  Times of India

Ajwain seeds also known as carom seeds in English are one of the mandatory spices in the Indian kitchen.

Gretchen Rossi Pregnancy, Real Housewives of Orange County Friendships | The Daily Dish  Bravo

The Real Housewives of Orange County alum has heard from some of the OC ladies, as well as 'Wives from other cities. By Jenny Berg. gretchen-rossi.jpg.

Woman who faked pregnancy, promised adoption indicted on nine felony counts  The Mercury News

Faking a pregnancy doesn't appear to be against the law. But using a false pretense to convince a potential adoptive family to buy baby clothes, photographs ...

Pregnant Lacey Turner believed she would never have a baby  Daily Mail

Lacey Turner has revealed that she refused to believe that she was pregnant after suffering two miscarriages previously.

Is yoga the secret to the Duchess of Sussex's pregnancy body?

It can't be easy being heavily pregnant when you are the most watched woman in the world. But, the Duchess of Sussex hasn't let impending motherhood slow ...

Flying High! Mario Lopez Takes Pregnant Wife Courtney and Their Kids to Dumbo Premiere

Mom-to-be Courtney opted for an all-black ensemble that showed off her growing baby bump, which husband Mario Lopez cradled proudly for a few photos.

This Is Us producer breaks down Kate's pregnancy crisis: 'It's really scary'  Entertainment Weekly News

'This felt like what would actually happen, which is always what we strive for,' executive producer Isaac Aptaker says.

Homeless man accused of punching pregnant woman  Gainesville Sun

A homeless man became violent after taking drugs, tried to elbow a pregnant woman in the stomach and punched her, Gainesville police reported.

Coronation Street actor James Burrows halts wedding plans after girlfriend falls pregnant just a month after  The Sun

James admitted that he had intended to be engaged by now - but the speedy pregnancy ruined his proposal plans.

Pittsburgh council votes unanimously to strengthen protections for pregnant workers  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Pittsburgh City Council voted unanimously Tuesday to make pregnancy its own protected class in the city's anti-discrimination code. “We're really leading the ...

Pittsburgh looks to break 'glass ceiling' with stronger protections for pregnant workers  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

A proposed amendment to Pittsburgh's anti-discrimination code would make pregnancy its own protected class and extend rights to partners.

Pregnant Bachelor star Laura Byrne reveals that she's unprepared for her new arrival  Daily Mail

She has just entered her third trimester, celebrating reaching 28 weeks in her pregnancy earlier this week.

Associations between low- and high-dose oral fluconazole and pregnancy outcomes: 3 nested case–control studies  CMAJ

Anick Bérard, Odile Sheehy, Jin-Ping Zhao, Jessica Gorgui, Sasha Bernatsky, Cristiano Soares de Moura and Michal Abrahamowicz. CMAJ February 19, 2019 ...

Pregnant Ashley Darby Is "Happy and Cheery" in a Yellow Baby Bump-Hugging Dress  Bravo

The pregnant Real Housewives of Potomac beauty is gravitating towards bright colors for her maternity style. By Adele Chapin ...

Man sues abortion clinic after teenage girlfriend terminates pregnancy  WMUR Manchester

The man was 19 and the girl was 16 when he said he “pleaded” with her not get an abortion.

Undercover volunteer poses as pregnant at 'fake women's health centers' to gauge service  Baltimore Sun

"Are you feeling like you've made a mistake?” she said when my pregnancy test flashed positive. I was in a fake women's health center in Southern Maryland, ...

East Moline police seeking man accused of attacking pregnant woman  Quad City Times

The East Moline Police Department is looking for a man accused of beating a pregnant woman and threatening her with a gun.

Neighbours spoilers - Elly Conway looks set to cheat again

Neighbours teacher Elly Conway looks set to cheat on Mark Brennan for a second time after two more devastating setbacks.

11th Circuit Pregnancy Bias Case Tests 2015 Supreme Court Ruling | National Law Journal

The EEOC has a strong interest in ensuring that 'Young [v. UPS]' is applied correctly. The court's misapplication hampers the EEOC's enforcement efforts the ...

Tulane study says pregnancy-related disorder can be found before it becomes life-threatening  The Advocate

Researchers with Tulane University may have found a way to detect preeclampsia, a dangerous pregnancy-related disorder, before it becomes life-threatening, ...

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