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Psychology Information

On Empathy

The Encyclopaedia Britannica (1999 edition) defines empathy as:"The ability to imagine oneself in anther's place and understand the other's feelings, desires, ideas, and actions. It is a term coined in the early 20th century, equivalent to the German Einfhlung and modelled on "sympathy.

On Dis-ease

We are all terminally ill. It is a matter of time before we all die.

Narcissistic Personality Disorder - Who is a Malignant Narcissist?

QUESTION Number 1 - Who is a Narcissist?Dear Dr. Vaknin,I read the excerpts you placed on your web site with great interest.

What's the Problem: Introducing Solution Focus Pt 1

Solution Focus is the brain child of Insoo Kim Berg and Steve de Shazer. This positive approach to problem resolution is rooted in the tradition of Milton Erickson's brief therapy.

What's the Problem: Introducing Solution Focus Pt 2

Again, many of us think we listen, yet we don't always "attend" to the person who is speaking to us. We are too busy doing other things! We are not being 100% attentive.

Key Solution Focus Interviewing Skills

There are several key Solution Focus interviewing skills that are indispensable in moving individuals from problem focus to solution focus.Exploration Exploring the meaning helpee is giving to words, situation, experience.

Solution Focus Process: Solution Talk vs. Problem Talk Pt I

Solution Talk vs. Problem TalkProblem talk, of course, is talk about the problem.

Solution Focus Process: Solution Talk vs. Problem Talk Pt 2

It is crucial that interviewing with helpee progress toward solutions. In addition to Exceptions and Miracle questions, Coping and Scaling questions are also useful and effective methods of moving helpees from problem talk to solution talk.

Kleptomaniac Confessions

Ever felt urged to steal a piece of bubblegum from the grocery store and given in? Then you are likely training to become either a kleptomaniac or an addictive compulsive thief. Do not despair - you're not alone.

We are in the End Days; Oh, Really Now?

Some think the world is coming to an end, they cite signs in the Revelations and current world events. The world is not going to end, in all the written history and much of course which maybe somewhat a modified version of what actually happened nothing has ever been perfect and the doom and gloomers of those past periods too were out in fill force.

Gay Men Psychology

Gay men are said to be usually third or further born from the same mother. You might wish to check it out sometime.

A Look at The Brain

The endless, immeasurable brain. It does seem like more we discover about it, the more mystery we create.

Rediscovering the Mind

From the viewpoint of a modern microbiologist, we hear the call for integration and common sense in sciences that are all too often devising separate stakes and battlements to pontificate from, on high. The 'experts' thus proving their ignorance because the result inevitably is specious ego and puffery.

Animal Cruelty: The Key to Serial Minds

What makes a common person a Serial Killer? According to research, serial killers exhibit what is known as the 'Triad of Warning Signs in Childhood.'1Indicators include:* Firestarting, invariably just for the thrill of destroying things* Cruelty to Animals: Most children can be cruel to animals, such as pulling the legs off of spiders, but future serial killers often kill larger animals, like dogs and cats, and frequently for their solitary enjoyment rather than to impress peers.

Cult De-Programming?

The following good work from a person engaged in trying to free people from cultish programming is far better than most. It demonstrates the person is aware of mind control techniques employed in influencing people.

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Aussie mogul takes psychology into esports

An Australian esports entrepreneur is taking psychology and mindfulness into the gaming sector in a bid to improve performance for his global powerhouse.

Environmental psychology: How do you feel about that coffee to go?  DW (English)

DW's Hannah Fuchs likes to think she's pretty responsible about her environmental impact. But the guilt induced by a take-out coffee got her asking why even the ...

The history — and psychology — behind the tax refund  Marketplace APM

When did taxpayers and industries start to rely on the refund?

6 Ways People Deny a Drug or Alcohol Problem  Psychology Today

Many people who have struggled with alcohol or drugs or behaviors such as gambling often say they had a voice inside them whispering, “I have a problem.

The Science Of The Stressor: The Good, The Bad, And Psychology!  Science Trends

Since the 1960s, thousands of researches have been conducted in different sectors (immunology, oncology, neuropsychology, etc.) on the multiple factors.

Wanted PG courses in Clinical Psychology  The Hans India

Female students of psychology in Hyderabad are facing major issue related to Masters MSc in clinical psychology, clinical neuro psychology and criminal ...

Psychology: Robot saved, people take the hit  Science Daily

To what extent are people prepared to show consideration for robots? A new study suggests that, under certain circumstances, some people are willing to ...

Psychology Prof Tackles Injustice in the Justice System  UMass Lowell

There's a heavy hand on the scales of justice – one that causes innocent defendants to plead guilty in large numbers, according to Asst. Prof. Miko Wilford.

What Is Cognitive Fatigue? Exhaustion Isn't Just A Physical Issue, Psychologists Say  Bustle

So you've made it through January, it's actually light outside when you leave for work, and your New Year's resolution to get a bit more sleep has actually sort of ...

Why Are There So Many Jerks in the World?  Psychology Today

Our evolved psychology includes some conspicuous paradoxes. For instance: If people generally prefer romantic and social partners who are warm, kind, and ...

Psychology essay Prime Paper Writing Service - Cheap.  Fairfield Sun

Through, step by step, the process of writing an essay or term paper in psychology. The bluest eye setting analysis essay new orleans crime research paper ...

Rethinking How We Heal from Anxiety and Depression  Psychology Today

Have you struggled to recover from a psychological condition? Maybe it's time for a better story about health and healing.

Talking About Failure with Your Adolescent  Psychology Today

It's important that parents provide a constructive perspective about failure.

Are There Age-Related Changes in a Dog's Personality?  Psychology Today

New evidence shows that important personality traits, such as aggressiveness and trainability, show age-related changes in dogs.

Helping Others Get the Psychological Support They Need  Psychology Today

Getting mental health support to those in distress can save relationships, careers, and even lives. Here's how.

Reverse Psychology  KUT

What we refer to as "reverse psychology" is more or less a strategy of deception based on expected defiance, and any short term gratification is often met.

Manhattan College to Host Six Events During Peace and Justice Week  Manhattan College News

The theme of this year's Peace and Justice Week is “(Un)just Institutions,” with a focus on how we can make various social institutions that have been recently hit ...

What Can You Do With a Master's in Psychology?  Southern New Hampshire University

If you're fascinated by the mind or how an individual, community or organization thinks, a master's in psychology can lead to engaging and growing careers.

Junk food is linked to both moderate and severe psychological distress  Science Daily

The study revealed that California adults who consumed more unhealthy food were also more likely to report symptoms of either moderate or severe ...

Penn prof. Angela Duckworth publishes research on self-control methods  The Daily Pennsylvanian

Psychology professor Angela Duckworth and Operations, Information and Decisions professor Katherine Milkman published a research review that outlines ...

Attachment anxiety heightens aversion toward pattern deviancy, according to new psychology research  PsyPost

Anxieties about one's close relationships are associated with aversion towards pattern deviancy, according to new research published in the European ...

The Personalities of People Who Stay Single and Like It  Psychology Today

Lifelong single people, people who like their time alone, who are unafraid of being single, and the single-at-heart, have personality profiles suggesting good ...

Research experience leads ASU psychology student to pursue a juvenile criminal justice career  Arizona State University

Behind the bright, helpful smile on the face of Greg Chase is an Arizona State University psychology student who is determined to make a difference. Chase is ...

The biggest blind spot in Psychology we all ignore  AlterNet

Every engineering advance of the past 400 years is the product of a brilliant breakthrough modeling method. Not the scientific method's guess and test ...

Graduate School Psychology Moscow essay. V for Vendetta Annotations - Enjolrasworld  Fairfield Sun

An Annotation of Literary, Historic, and Artistic References in Alan Moore's Graphic Novel, V For Vendetta. Madelyn Boudreaux, April 27, 1994 Last Revised: ...

Psychologists solve mystery of songbird learning  Cornell Chronicle

Scientists rely on animal models to gain insight into how humans learn language, but it turns out that one of their favorite models, the zebra finch, has been ...

How psychology can make a difference in Brighton and Hove  The British Psychological Society

The ways psychology can help solve the problems of Brighton and Hove will be discussed at an event organised by the British Psychological Society's Wessex ...

Can't Stop Checking Your Phone? Blame Evolution, Says Psychology Study  Inverse

In a preprint paper forthcoming in the journal "Perspectives on Psychological Science" researchers say humans are extremely drawn to their smartphones ...

The Sign of a Lasting Relationship  Psychology Today

After a decade of analyzing data from the Love Lab, we discovered that one set of variables determined whether a marriage would succeed or fail: Were the ...

Decoding Your Dog's Behavior: Owners Turn to Pet Psychologists  NBC 6 South Florida

Behavior disorders in dogs, in fact, are a lot more common than we think. Sometimes training them isn't enough -- which is why some owners are turning to ...

Radical feminism has no place in psychology  Daily Telegraph

Australian boys and men seeking help for mental illness may soon find themselves being lectured about toxic masculinity and white privilege. The Australian ...

What Teachers Need To Know About The Science Of Learning--And What They Don't  Forbes

Lately there's been a push to acquaint educators with “the science of learning.” But only some aspects of that science actually help teachers do their jobs. Others ...

The Psychology Of Getting Julian Assange, Part 1: What's Torture Got To Do With It?  New Matilda

In the first part of a special New Matilda investigative series, clinical psychologist Dr Lissa Johnson exposes the 'science' behind the hunt for Julian Assange, ...

Psychologists find that adults take girls' pain less seriously  Science Daily

Gender stereotypes can hurt children -- quite literally. When asked to assess how much pain a child is experiencing based on the observation of identical ...

Angelo State Psychology Prof Wins Award for Leadership  San Angelo LIVE!

SAN ANGELO, TX — Dr. Sangeeta Singg, a professor of psychology at Angelo State University, received the Jimmy Alvarez Friend of Counseling Award from ...

The Difference Between Being Impatient and Impulsive  Psychology Today

Impatience can happen to any of us, but impulsivity is a different animal. Here's what you need to know about the difference.

Epigenetics: what impact does it have on our psychology?  The Conversation - UK

Genes aren't destiny, but you don't need epigenetics to make the case.

How Humans Create Their Own Evolution  Psychology Today

Humans can do something no other animal can do. And it's this quality that allows humans to consciously shape their own evolution.

Another top group calls for spanking ban, says it harms kids' mental health  USA TODAY

Spanking and physical discipline can harm children's mental health and increase aggressive behavior, the American Psychological Association says.

Here's Why You Think About Cringey Memories Years Later, According To Science  Bustle

Have you ever been walking through the grocery store or trying to fall asleep when, all of the sudden, you're hit with a wave of embarrassment over something ...

Sport Psychology | Mental Strength in Running  Runner's World

As the great Paavo Nurmi (a.k.a. The Flying Finn who set 22 then world records in his career in the early 20th century) famously said, “Mind is everything. Muscle ...

The Psychological Trap of Freelancing  The Cut

For most of my career, I was paid a salary. It was not very much, especially at the beginning, but it also seemed to exist on a different plane from my actual job.

The Vatican Global Conference on Clergy Sexual Abuse  Psychology Today

Catholic Bishops from across the globe meet at the Vatican on February 21st for a much anticipated conference to discuss global clergy sexual abuse. In general ...

10x Psychology appoints Carys Law as Head of Client Engagement  Bdaily

10x Psychology, the leading psychometrics and HR analytics provider, has today announced the appointment of Carys Law as Head of Client Engagement.

Bold recommendation for free 'preventative' psychology sessions  The Sydney Morning Herald

Australians would be able to access up to 10 Medicare-funded sessions with a psychologist without being diagnosed with a mental disorder, under sweeping ...

James A. Wojcik, 78, was VA psychologist for 30 years and Benedictine monk  Buffalo News

July 28, 1940 — Feb. 11, 2019 James A. Wojcik was Dr. Wojcik to the patients he helped for 30 years as a psychologist at the Buffalo Veterans Affairs Medic…

How psychology is keeping Harper and Machado unsigned

More than ever, MLB players are seen as commodities and the objectivity in such an outlook creates a detachment that's demolishing the game's economic ...

Social connectedness may help victims of cyberbullying  Medical Xpress

A new Psychology in the Schools study found that social connectedness may act as a protective buffer against the negative mental health effects of cyberbullying ...

The Mindset of Luck, Choices, and Balances  Latest Casino Bonuses

Psychological profiles and Myers-Briggs type of gamblers, compulsive gambling disorder, and the importance of players' protection in well-regulated markets.

'What I'm really thinking about learning support' - As imagined by psychologist David Coleman

I have to go to the resource teacher in school. Do you know what that is? It's a total destruction of any street cred, is what it is. I'm in 5th class, but the way she ...

Winter weather can take a psychological toll  WAOW

This winter, south central Wisconsin has seen at least half a dozen snow storms, a historic cold snap, and there's still a chance for more on the way. In the wake ...

Coping with cancer: Partners can reframe challenging situations  Science Daily

Spouses can help breast cancer patients with coping by positively reframing the cancer experience and other negative experiences. In general, positive ...

Nurturing Youth Leadership Skills At Home  Psychology Today

Leadership skills do not come naturally to most young people. Parents can foster these skills by giving children a safe, nurturing environment in which to ...

Karl Lagerfeld lost 92 pounds using a diet he called a “sort of punishment”

Karl Lagerfeld's unusual dieting psychology, explained.

With 'well-formed' group, Caleb Porter focuses on Crew's...  The Athletic

And in a big-picture outlook, Caleb Porter's focus on psychology rather than roster-building seems to have struck a chord.

A psychologist explains how Trader Joe's gets you to spend more money  Business Insider

Trader Joe's sells more than double its grocery competitors like Whole Foods. A psychologist explains why it's easy to spend money at Trader Joe's.

Forex Analysis - Psychology/Strategy for major markets today

EUR/USD - EUR holding steady as net stronger PMIs balance Fed minutes. Risks biased slightly to the upside but still hard to see a break above 1.14 without ...

Psychological Intervention Strategies for Dissociative Amnesia

Dissociative amnesia is a psychological disorder characterized by retrospective memory gaps which include the inability to recall personal information which ...

Can you teach students to be happy? Colleges are trying.  Defiance Crescent News

After three years at the University of Pennsylvania, Brielle Weiner has perfected the one-sentence introduction she gives in every new class: a 21-year-old senior ...

Sherbrooke psychologist accused of pimping out clients  CTV News

A Sherbrooke psychologist is facing numerous charges in relation to allegations he pimped out his clients.

Smartphones help researcher better understand the nature of depression and anxiety  Science Daily

A psychologist's research using smartphones is providing valuable data in real time, information that could provide treatment benefits for patients struggling with ...

Miku stars as Bengaluru FC score a psychological win over FC Goa  Yahoo Sports

The Blues will feel a lot better after ending their losing streak with a win over a strong Goan outfit...

Edward F. Zigler: eminent psychologist hailed as 'Father of Head Start'  Yale News

Edward F. Zigler, a pioneer in the application of developmental psychology to social policy and known by many as the “Father of Head Start,” a program that has ...

Man blackmailed, exploited after affair with his psychologist  The Age

A Melbourne psychologist had a sexual relationship with a vulnerable patient whose wife then blackmailed him for money over the affair, a Victorian tribunal has ...

This Is Your Brain Off Facebook  The Indian Express

Planning on quitting the social platform? A major new study offers a glimpse of what unplugging might do for your life. (Spoiler: It's not so bad.)

The Psychological Science Accelerator: Building A “CERN For Psychology”  Science Trends

The science of human behavior holds great promise for illuminating processes that impact every one of our lives every day. We study how one can feel anger.

Antivaxxers and the Plague of Science Denial  Psychology Today

"Falsehood flies, and the Truth comes limping after it; so that when Men come to be undeceiv'd, it is too late; the Jest is over, and the Tale has had its Effect.".

Indepth: I can proclaim that homosexuality is a psychological disorder - Matthew Grech  Malta Independent Online

Speaking on the latest episode of Indepth, self-described 'ex-gay' Matthew Grech said that in a democratic country, he had "every right to believe and proclaim ...

Smartphone gambling apps more addictive than 'crack cocaine' betting terminals psychologist warns  Daily Mail

Smartphone gambling apps could be even more addictive than the controversial 'crack cocaine' casino-style betting terminals in bookmakers, a leading ...

There may be no difference between your brain and Hitler's, psychologist says

A psychological scientist, who has served as an expert in several criminal cases, warns we should be careful about defining people as "evil" because there are a ...

Movies: Brian DePalma's psychological thriller, 'Obsession'  Allentown Morning Call

This month, there's two ways to celebrate filmmaker – and Philadelphia native - Brian DePalma. You can check out the Blu-ray of “Obsession,” one of the ...

Yale psychologists find that adults take girls' pain less seriously  Yale News

When gauging how much pain a child is in based on their observation of reactions to a finger-stick, American adults believe boys to be in more pain than girls.

Outsmart the Anchoring Bias in Three Simple Steps  Psychology Today

Ever fall prey to clever sales techniques and find yourself overspending? It might be time to tackle your anchoring bias.

How to Help After the Aurora Mass Shooting  Psychology Today

The mass shooting in Aurora, Illinois on Friday claimed the lives of 5 Henry Pratt Co. employees and injured 5 police officers and 1 staff person. Common ...

Depression, Psychological Distress Symptoms Greatly Affect MS Patients  Multiple Sclerosis News Today

Depression and psychological distress symptoms can have a huge effect on the way multiple sclerosis (MS) patients view their well-being, a new study has ...

Campus community mourns loss of caring, kind student Rachael Christianson  Lamron

Psychology major senior Rachael Christianson passed away on Feb. 10, according to an email from President Denise Battles to the college community on Feb.

Teen suicide bill would allow children as young as 12 to see a psychologist without parental consent  The Denver Channel

Colorado lawmakers are considering a bill that would allow children as young as 12-years-old to see a psychologist without parental consent. House Bill 1120 is ...

Hays woman receives KU scholarship for mentored research  Hays Post

KU NEWS. LAWRENCE — This spring, 50 University of Kansas students will receive $1,000 scholarships as they work on mentored research and creative ...

Samantha Ruth selected as Top Transformational Psychologist of the Year by the International Association of Top Professionals (IAOTP)  NB Herard

NEW YORK, NY – 02-21-2019 ( — Samantha Ruth, Transformational Psychologist, and Founder of Never Give Up, was just recently ...

Psychologist explains why Trader Joe's is outperforming the competition in sales per square footage  Daily Mail

Psychologist and author of the book, 'The Paradox of Choice,' Barry Schwartz has explained Trader Joe's is raking in the money over its competitors like Whole ...

BBC Radio 5 live - In Short, The psychology of opening the batting  BBC Sport

Sir Alastair Cook explains the psychology behind being an opening batsman.

Clark University psychologist co-edits book on LGBTQ divorce  Worcester Telegram

WORCESTER - Frank Sinatra once sang that love and marriage go together like a horse and carriage, and crooned, “You can't have one without the other.

Why scientists say experiencing awe can help you live your best life  NBC News

Psychologists say the emotion of awe plays a big role in our health, happiness and wellbeing. And you don't need to witness a supermoon to experience it.

Oshawa council votes to name parkette in honour of psychologist and storyteller Dr. B. George Blake

OSHAWA — Following a Black History Month presentation that highlighted his contributions to the community, Oshawa councillors voted to name a parkette in ...

TED original podcast WorkLife with Adam Grant is back with Season 2 (and a sneak peek trailer)  TED Blog

The breakaway hit returns March 5, delving deeper into how we work and the psychology of making work not suck Organizational psychologist, bestselling ...

Ryan Adams Accused Of Psychological Manipulation, Professional Retaliation By 7 Women  NPR

Ryan Adams, a prolific singer-songwriter and producer who first rose to prominence in the early 2000s, has been accused by seven women of using his ...

Edgar Wright fills two more spots in his psychological thriller!  Moviehole

Doctor Who Matt Smith and "Leave No Trace" star Thomasin Harcourt McKenzie will star in the next film from Edgar Wright, Last Night in Soho.

Even psychological placebos have an effect  Science Daily

Placebo effects do not only occur in medical treatment -- placebos can also work when psychological effects are attributed to them.

Psychologist finds Fort man 'insane' in terror threat case  Daily Union

JEFFERSON — A psychologist has found that a 23-year-old Fort Atkinson man accused of forcing his way into Luther Elementary School and threatening to ...

Psychologist offers advice on talking to kids about gun violence after Kent Co. shooting  WWMT-TV

Four people shot to death in northern Kent County on Monday and two are being mourned by students, staff, teachers and community members within ...

Crew from aborted Soyuz MS-10 mission received psychological support  TASS

I believe this time we'll succeed,» Roscosmos cosmonaut Alexei Ovchinin said.

Psychologists say personality is all about the 'Big Five' traits — what are they?  ABC News

Whether you consider yourself personable, shy, creative or organised, here's what you need to know about the Big Five personality traits — and how you can ...

Psychologist and TV personality Nigel Latta well received in Levin  New Zealand Herald

Clinical psychologist, parenting expert and television personality Nigel Latta made two appearances in Levin this week - a booked-out talk on parenting, and a ...

How to procrastinate more productively, according to a psychologist  NBC News

Clinical psychologist Nick Wignall says procrastination can be a powerful productivity tool, but many people get trapped in feelings of shame about it.

Mikhy Farrera Brochez, the man behind the HIV data leaks likely to face fraud charges in Hong Kong  The Independent

The central figure at the heart of the data leak of more than 14,000 HIV-positive patients in Singapore may be facing fraud charges in Hong Kong for presenting ...

SIOP recognizes John C. Scott with Humanitarian Award  EurekAlert

The Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology has recognized John Scott, PhD, with the Humanitarian Award. This award honors a SIOP member ...

Rapport and trust: Longtime psychologist Warner nears end of rewarding career  Petoskey News-Review

Even when he was just a small boy growing up on a dairy farm in Charlevoix, Larry Warner had a fascination about human behavior.

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