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What We Do To Sell Your Property!

Once you have contracted us to sell your property we go to work for you to bring you the most money and best price for your property as quickly as possible. Some properties are faster selling than others based on the location, condition, size, price, of course, and type of the property.

Price is always a consideration but proper marketing and selling techniques will usually garner you, at least, an extra 15% to 20% and that is where we shine! We go into action quickly with all of the modern and traditional methods of marketing, promoting and advertising your property. Our purpose in doing what we do is to find YOU a number of willing and able purchasers in order to encourage at least one to purchase your property -- quickly and at the highest price.

We send out "JUST LISTED" postcards to 200 homes and businesses in the surrounding area about of your property. This card directs them to the web site we set up for your home with numerous pictures, a full explanation, and all the data they want to know about your home; including the price. Those folks who live close to a property are happy to pass the word on to friends about anything new on the market. They are also the most knowledgeable and the most interested in your home selling for the top price, possible. After all, they know that the more YOUR home sells for, the higher theirs will appraise and sell for.

We publish a professional brochure or flyer for your property; distribute them in numerous ways and keep them updated and fresh in numerous local businesses and in the local restaurants. We already have flyer holders in many locations. We will mail out and deliver these flyers to other Realtors by mail and in person. If there is another Realtor who is likely to have an occasional buyer for a property such as yours, they get our special attention; we invite them for a private showing, print up special flyers just for them to mail out to their prospects, in their name, or whatever it takes, and if appropriate we assign a courtesy key to them as well.

In fact, we even go so far as to let other Realtors send THEIR customers to us, we'll show the property, and still let them have the full commission. This is not done by anyone else in the business as far as we know. The advantage is YOURS!

Your property will be added IMMEDIATELY to the Multi-list computer search service for other Realtors to see and get all possible data from our listing. Our listings are known as the most informative in the area and that helps all the other agents sell your property too. That way if any of the Realtors have a customer for a property similar to yours they will find it.

The Internet and World Wide Web are the greatest single source of Real Estate business for those who use them effectively. Web sites are virtual-color-brochures which prospective buyers can view at their leisure; then call or write us when they are ready to see your property in person. Over 97% of our prospects come from our multiple award winning Web sites. Most Realtors get only a few % of their business from the Web, but they don't have sites like this one.

We advertise our web sites in thousands of other locations on the Net. We have spent many thousands of hours and thousands of dollars to get our site to come up in the major search engines especially the TOP search engine on earth. Google does over 95% of the search work done on the Web, but we also pay to use another 37 of the most popular search engines as well. People LOVE pictures, especially when searching the Web. We have more pictures than any other Realtor I can find.

Most other sites have one, or perhaps two or three pictures of homes and land (at the most) on the MLS and on their web sites. We have twelve or more for most of our properties. One of our properties, a 5.5 million dollar one, had over a hundred professionally taken pictures on several web pages. Internet and MLS submissions are done as soon as the property is listed for sale with us and while you are getting the work done in the real world. This puts your property in it's best appearance while you are doing the finishing touches.

One of our sellers was not quite certain that painting the entire inside of the home and putting in all new carpeting was really important to sell their home. We did the work first on a picture-fixing program on one of our computers and they agreed with us and got the work done right away. They saw how less than $20,000 in painting and carpeting raised the value of their home at least $50,000. The did a magnificent job and it was done in a couple of weeks AFTER we had all the work done on our site here.

Another seller had an motel-apartment complex that had a fire and was burned very badly, it was almost a complete loss. With picture fixing software and a lot of time, we repaired the burned off roof, rebuilt the walls, put in new windows and doors, new sidewalks, new grass and parking and made all the improvements, on our web site, before he could repair the damage. The pictures were done several months before the work was done. Before the motel was even complete in the real world, the seller decided he liked the looks of the property on our web site so much he decided to keep the property and raise the rents to get and keep a better class of tenant. Oh well, we lost the sale but our community was improved greatly.

We place digital classified ads in all manner of periodicals, to direct people to your property on our Web sites; these ads are placed in dozens of Real Estate On Line publications. Many people search the Internet for property in special locations and are interested in recreation, lodging and real estate in our area. We have numerous ways for them to find us in Web Searches in addition to the above: we have paid to have our sites listed under tens of thousands of different search criteria with the major search engines. This is done to help buyers find us and to help sellers get more exposure. Most web sites are only listed in the search engines under one, two or ten key words and search strings, instead of the nearly 900,000 terms and search criteria that we use!

Web based marketing is responsible for well over nine tenths of the calls we get each day and is the MOST EFFECTIVE WAY TO PROMOTE A PROPERTY. For properties over $300,000 about 98% of the e-mail and calls are from our various Internet marketing activities. We also send out periodic newsletters and entice those thinking of purchasing Real Estate in the future.

As other Realtors in the area develop more professional and workable Web marketing sites; we allow them to place your property on their sites also for even more exposure. Professional real estate advisors tell us to expect over 80% of ALL real estate business to come from Internet marketing within the next two years. Our experience is already well beyond that figure!

Print media advertising is certainly not dead, but far less effective than it was a few years ago. We use it a lot. We advertise extensively in the local publications. The print media have been, until the Web, the primary source of prospects for local real estate. And they are still an effective way to get people to our Web sites. Most people who are interested in real estate pick up the local papers for the area where they want to be, as they go TO the area first, usually several times, or are advised by friends who live there. Once people are convinced to live or buy in a particular area they often subscribe to the local papers of that area.

We keep you advised and informed on local market activity and changes. We also follow up with any other Realtors who show the property to ensure that they have our complete and speedy help in getting their purchasers to buy your property instead of some other one.

There will be a For Sale Sign on your property, a nice large one, with information and pictures on a professionally done flyer which will have copies kept in a clear plastic and waterproof box attached to the sign. Our web site is listed on the sign as well. As you can see, we consider our web site to be a huge color catalog that is far too large to print otherwise - and our web sites are available all the time not just one day.

We will personally call, deliver and mail flyers to the most successful Realtors in the area who have a track record of selling properties like yours. They will ordinarily find the property on-line anyway -- but these busy Realtors still get our special and repeated attention. Other Realtors are fully in every way possible, this is not usually done in this area. We owe and give our allegiance to YOU when you list your property with us, and we are always helping others to sell your property too.

All in all, we ARE The Cutting Edge Realtors, and we're far ahead of any other Realtors in our experience, ability and activity to promote, market and sell your property.

Your best choice is to have us represent you. Are you ready! If so E-mail us.

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Jody Hudson has been a Realtor for 35 years in America and in Delaware.

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