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The Evolution of Love

Songs have been saying it for generations together. Ask anyone what the world needs and the one answer you would get is-" love". We need love at all times. It is the basis of all our relationships in one form or the other. Despite knowing and understanding the need for it, we haven't been able to understand it well enough. It has evoluted and here is its story.

Everybody's saying that love can change the world but no one really knows what it is. Some have had enough, some have had so much and they won't let anyone else go without it But behind it all, someone's got to take all the pain involved. Some of them give it away with a price but they don't attach the price tag. Some of them give it away because they've never seen a loveless world and they don't want to see one because they know the pain that it would cause. Nobody states their case before they give it away. If they did it wouldn't be called love. But everyone follows up when they've given enough or when they want their due. Since it's done in the name of love, they stop giving if they can't get and taking if they can't give it back. But behind it all, someone's got to take all the pain involved. Some of them give up on trying prefer to do with what they have because its never ended in a pretty scene. Some of them only if they really need it all that bad but only as much as they need since they can also manage without it.

You decide on which side you are on-whether you have stopped giving if you can't get or if you have stopped taking if you can't give back. Maybe you find yourself on one side some time or the other. You may also find yourself in the middle- fighting to make people believe that love doesn't have to hurt. It too has its price that has to be paid. You have to understand that nothing comes free and if love has to have a beneficiary then someone from either side has to pay what it costs regardless whether he/she can afford it or not. Payment can be in the form of time, money or even petrol. But there is a thing such as perfect love embodied as follows?????

I've offered my services.

You said you don't want to use them

You said you'd manage on your own.

I've been where you are

I know what you need

I could have done with it when I was there.

But no one told me, no one told me like I'm telling you now

I just didn't listen to them or use help from around

I just want you to know that I'm at your back door

Anytime you want you can let me in because I know

Only when you can appreciate what I'm saying

When you do what I'm praying for you to

You can take me for all that I have

That's how this works the best

This way no one gets hurt.

To like is much easier than to love. To like is to love with knowing that you will gain out of the relationship. A relationship that comes because you like someone embodies the element of selfishness "making that aspect of the world and the people thereof happy because they find happiness in sharing their joy and because that is wherein happiness lies." The biggest blow that love has suffered is it being felt by default. Some have had enough, and some have had so much that they won't let anyone else go without it. It pains them to see anyone not enjoying the benefits of love. They, in the process, satisfy their own selves not making much of a difference to other person. They should understand that anything that love is profitable to the human race only when it supports one till he can "stand on his own two feet."-supporting him till he can. When it is used to support and not to teach him in the process to "stand on his own two feet", he is left alone when the very same people who do not have the resources to support him anymore cannot help him because they cannot afford to.

The offer's always on the table

You can use it when you're as sure as I am that you need it.

There's something you need to know I'd rather tell you now than later.

Don't depend on it, as if it's going to carry you through

Even if it does towards the end, you'll have to bid it adieu.

Because on that day

When He comes to see who can be taken away

You're not allowed to count on my love

You'll be on your own.

I say that love doesn't have to hurt. One way of that happening is by not overrating it. To be able to stand alone and be the strongest he/she can ever be like that should be the purpose of any relationship. A relationship is not made strong because the dependence in each other that it involves but of the surety each the two or more people involved have of what they are, what they are doing and how they can afford to help and support each other- in the process also learn and get stronger.

A platonic relationship distances one from the true binding that can exist between two or more people. Let's not love because we should. Let us not expect to be loved because people are supposed to be sensitive. When we find ourselves expecting such expectations, let us take it as a challenge to only make our selves stronger. Let us learn to love ourselves first because only when we have to give can we give.

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