Relationships Information

Relationships Information

Great Relationship Advice: The Ability to Communicate

In my workshops with couples, I start with this question:"How many of you believe men and women are created differently?"Usually most everyone agrees, and I congratulate them on passing Anatomy 101. The next question is slightly different:"How many of you believe that men and women think, feel, perceive and experience the world in sometimes dramatically different ways?"Usually most of the women agree and the men just look confused.

Great Relatinship Advice: The Ability to Meet Emotional Needs

Harville Hendrix, in his book ``Getting the Love You Want'' has some interesting and helpful notions about the process of falling in love. According to Hendrix, as we fall in love with someone, we believe that this person will be able to meet all of our emotional needs.

Great Relationship Advice: The Ability to Resolve Conflict

Conflict in a relationship is both normal and painful. In working with couples I have found that it's the successful resolution of the conflict that strengthens the couple's bond and brings them closer together.

Great Relationship Advice: The Ability to Apologize and Forgive

I'm sorry can be words that are much too easy to say. The notion of apology and forgiveness in relationships takes "I'm sorry" into new territory that can be very healing and actually have meaning.

Great Relationship Advice: The Ability to Create a Vision for Your Relationship

Many of us stumble into marriage and then continue to make it up as we go along. But relationships need much more conscious planning in order to be successful.

Great Relatinship Advice: The Ability to Create a Vision for Your Relationship

Many of us stumble into marriage and then continue to make it up as we go along. But relationships need much more conscious planning in order to be successful.

Great Relationship Advice: How to Balance Your Hear at Work with Your Heart at Home

Remember the Tom Cruise movie "Jerry Maguire?"From my seat in the theater, this movie had a much more valuable message than it's catch phrase "show me the money."Tom Cruise plays the title character Jerry Maguire, a fast moving sports agent who lives for the big score and makes big money.

Great Relationship Advice: How to Get "All A's" in Couples Communication

Mark Twain once said that he believed it was "God's great cosmic joke on humanity when He required men and women to live together in marriage."When it comes to couples trying to communicate with each other, I believe old Mr.

Walls Of Communication!

Matters of the heart are a true mystery to all involved. In order tomake a commitment to a relationship, it takes strength and trust inanother.

Great Relationship Advice: Dont Be a Darren Stevens

Q: I can't believe I'm asking this question, because I can't believe I'm even feeling this way. My wife just got an offer that would give her a better and higher paying job than I have.

How to Use Your Brain to Seduce Women

CHESS-MATEIf you're one of those guys telling to yourself that Antonio Banderas might be a little prettier then you but again your IQ beats that of Einstein by an inch, than the next lines were written for you. You have to know how to use your advantage against a two-digit IQ macho-man and this is no easy deal.

10 Things You Probably Didnt Know About Signs of Infidelity

Certain things about signs of infidelity come as a surprise to most people. Even people who pride themselves on being knowledgeable about extramarital affairs may be unfamiliar with the little-known facts below.

Being Mindful of Your Mates Space

SOMETIMES I'LL ask a couple I'm seeing in therapy to do the following exercise.1.

Are You Looking for Ms. Right or Mr. Not so Wrong?

Do you want to find the "love of your life?"It's not easy to find Mr. or Miss "Right".

The Evolution of Love

Songs have been saying it for generations together. Ask anyone what the world needs and the one answer you would get is-" love".

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Everyone has some ultra-specific deal breaker that they refuse to ignore (pizza is NOT spicy, thank you very much). Take our polls to find out if you abide by the ...

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Angola has decriminalized same-sex relationships, according to Human Rights Watch agency.

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STEFANOS TSITSIPAS, who beat Roger Federer at last month's Australian Open, says he 'doesn't have time' for a relationship - then sent a cheeky message to ...

Bringing Up Baby: What Having A Child Does To Your Relationship

The idea that having a baby will 'bring you together' is like believing a hammer will help bring you together as a plate.

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LeBron James was candid on his relationship with Celtics star Kyrie Irving after the two made headlines earlier this season following the Celtics guard's apology ...

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The trickiness of being in a mixed couple, when one of you likes to toke and the other can't stand it.

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From flirtatious beginnings to a proposal, let's check out a complete timeline of Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry's relationship.

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A Williamson man was arrested and charged with rape Saturday after deputies say he cultivated an inappropriate online relationship with a 14-year-old girl.

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We asked fans of our agony aunt Dear Thelma to pose some serious questions about who she is, what she does and how she manages. Here are her ...

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant aren't on the same team during All-Star Weekend, but Durant is taking up for his former teammate.

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Alabama Football quarterback Tua Tagovailoa and new OC Steve Sarkisian have a history dating back prior to Sarkisian's recent hire at Alabama.

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Costa Rica is a fundamental and natural step in the consolidation of commercial relations between Colombia and all the Central American region, in the process ...

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Relationships are a tricky thing — and particularly fraught in the enterprise world, where the right connection or second-degree contact can make the difference ...

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Rakul Preet, who was last seen in H Vinoth's Theeran Adhigaaram Ondru, is back in Tamil cinema after more than a year. Her upcoming romantic drama, Dev, ...

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When can conflict can be used as fuel for growth and connection, and when is it actually healthier to walk away? It can be difficult to notice which is better in a ...

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Despite your feelings about Valentine's Day, the holiday always makes people think about love and relationships. We asked two "experienced" couples from the ...

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TORVILL and Dean were ice skating champions during their career, but the pair always denied they were involved romantically, however they have revealed the ...

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Fernie 'El Pelon' Ramirez's dream has come true with the release of his first commercial track 'No Digan Nada De Mi' (Do Not Say Anything About Me). However ...

Everything You Need to Know About Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper's Working Relationship

The palpable connection between Lady Gaga and Cooper is evident in everything they do together, from playing lovers in A Star Is Born to co-writing the film's ...

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A bitter legal fight between the owners of the Forum and the City of Inglewood has escalated after lawyers for the arena asked in court proceedings whether ...

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The showbiz romance no-one saw coming has, erm, come. So let's take a look at Pete Davidson and Kate Beckinsale's relationship from the very beginning, ...

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Relationship questions: Will my relationship last? Advice from a matchmaker on how to have healthy relationships, marriage advice.

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Whether you've just deleted your Tinder, finally had the DTR talk, or kicked it '50s style and decided to totally go steady with your honey, if you just started a new ...

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Twenty-five years since he first appeared on screen, the immortal presenter is back where he began. His creator explains why a divided nation needs him more ...

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