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The Unbelievable Becomes Believable

The Path Is Winding:

Ever wonder why things that happen in our lives seem so cruel and undeserved? Why do these things happen to me? Why am I being punished like this? What am I doing wrong? All of us have sought answers to these questions dozens of times. Have you found the answer yet?

We all have some sort of dubious answers as to why they happen. Many are good events, and many are bad things. Maybe it's just fate, or just coincidence. Your faith might have something to do with it. But, how could that be? God doesn't torture us, or intentionally lead us astray. Does he?

Ten Steps To Find The Inevitable Answer:

1.Take a good look inside yourself.
2.Examine in detail how each sudden turn in the path altered your life.
3.List all of the reasons why you think that turn has unexpectedly made your life better in one way or another.
4.Make a list of all of the problems and difficulties that would have taken place if your life had not taken a turn.
5.Compare the lists you just created and discover the hidden connections. 6.Allow you mind to bring those connections into reality.
7.Find the inevitable answer.
8.Notice how unexplainably your life becomes more peaceful and fruitful. 9.Later, take a good look back and it all becomes understandable.
10.Recognize that you don't just think it, you know it! God does walk with you!

1. Take a good look inside yourself:

We never give ourselves enough credit. You can find out what kind of person you really are. Ask yourself; are you always kind, tolerant, respectful, judgmental, feeling hate, a troublemaker, argumentative, and etc.?

Write down all the descriptive words that you believe fit you. If you lie, you lose. You do not need to go to a "shrink" to see what you are made of. Look at the list!

OK, so you fudged a little on a couple of the descriptive terms. We aren't perfect. Sometimes we are like "this," and sometimes we are the "opposite," depending on the circumstances.

However, most of us are predominantly one or the other personality type as we go through life. It is really a challenge to describe yourself harshly, no holds barred! Knowing how you act and feel about things in life prepares you for the next step.

2. Examine in detail how each sudden turn in your path altered your life:

Life is never easy for anyone. You never get a free pass. Believe it or not, every event in your life, good or bad, does have a reason for happening. If you don't believe that, then later on you might. For the time being, accept it.

Look at the circumstances that led up to what happened carefully. Where were they leading you?

Look at what happened after the issue was resolved. Then pay particular attention to what effect it had in the long run. Were you removed from a bad environment? Could you have been forced into a decision that you hated to make, and later you found peace with it? Well, you aren't alone there.

Look critically for the positive results. They are there! Every one of these events has a positive spinout even though it doesn't look or feel like it in the beginning.

3. List all of the reasons why you think that turn unexpectedly made your life better in one way or another:

Have you ever heard, "What you think in your mind will actually cause the future to abide by that?" It's true. Do not think about listing all the negative things that you think was the result.

It is amazing how many positive thoughts come up, that you hadn't ever thought about. Give yourself a break! It will blow your mind!

4. Make a list of the problems and difficulties that would have taken place if your life had not taken a turn:

Surely you know where you were headed, but were just avoiding the issue. You say, "No, I never thought about it." Here's the chance to drum up some negative thoughts that produce a positive result.

Hidden in the mind are all these thoughts. But when you sit down to write them out, they are uncovered, like a miracle. Try it! See what happens!

What may seem so terrible in the beginning will actually turn out to be a blessing in disguise. It may take time to see it, but eventually you will know it. Don't trouble your soul with doubt.

It's a free handout that comes with faith. Take the handout and make a better life for yourself. That in turn will enrich all those around you.

5. Compare the lists that you just created and discover the hidden connections:

Buried within this pile of words is a revelation. Open your mind so that you can feel it. You will see that the sudden turn in your living path has certainly thrust you into a new and powerful hold on the value of your soul and life. Sounds like a bunch of BS. Right?

If you look at the direction you might have been going, that kink in the path that happened, and where you find yourself now, there is proof of the epiphany.

6. Allow your mind to bring those connections into reality:

Just take a close look around you. What do you see that is there now, and wasn't there before? You can, if you look hard, see that all those things that were leading you down the wrong path have changed.

The changes place you in a unique position to grab onto opportunities that would never have existed before. See it and believe it!

7. Find the inevitable answer:

You can't fight it. Remarkable as it seems, all these things happen for a reason. The reason only becomes obvious with time. Faith in a higher power permits the vision to come into focus. Then you will know the true answer.

God walks beside you all the way through your journey. Skeptics will ponder and wander, forever. You won't.

8. Notice how unexplainably your life becomes more peaceful and fruitful:

Wow! You do feel the peace of mind. You experience the calmness of your soul. No one can convince you to believe anything different. Trying to explain the changes and the emotions that you now feel is easy and unnecessary.

What is so exciting about it is that all of those around you see this happening, and brings them closer to you than ever before. Nothing is better than that. Agreed?

Your business starts booming, you get a promotion, you don't seem to be in a continuous struggle anymore, or someone special comes into your life. You will see your life expanding into productiveness, compassion, desire to help others, and satisfaction. That's what we call "caring."

9. Later, take a good look back and it all becomes understandable:

With the maturity of age and the wisdom brought about by experience and knowledge, we are able to look back at our lives with generous regard. There is no criticism, no judgment, no punishment that you previously laid on yourself.

You did the best you could under the circumstances, and all you need to do is forgive yourself. Just say out loud, "I forgive me for all those things. God has already forgiven me."

10. Recognize that you don't just think it, you know it:

Sometimes we just don't stop to think about it. The gains of happiness, love, and faith creep up on us so subtly that it just seems to be a natural occurrence. It isn't! We were being led through life with a guiding hand. And, at the same time, following the plan set up for us at the instant we were born.

We do choose the path we want to take to get there. But, if you notice, all the paths are heading in the same general direction. Getting sidetracked here and there is just part of the life-game. Now that you know, make it count!

The author, Curtis Graham, is president of L. & C. Internet Enterprises, Inc. For over 38 years in medical practice he wrote articles, medical information products for his patients, a book on infertility, and marketing information for his practice. He has been published in Modern Physician, an elite magazine for physician executives. Retirement from medicine permits expansion of his need to help people by writing articles. Check out his passion website:

Copyright 2005, Curtis Graham, MD, L. & C. Internet Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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