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String of Pearls -- A Call for Intercessors

My wife had a vision recently of a string of pearls, adorning a bride at her wedding.

The "pearls" were the pastors in a given region. Not all the pastors, but those who are allowing the Lord to "string them together" in unity.

In the vision, she saw these pearls were "double- knotted" -- that's where each pearl on a necklace is knotted on both sides so if the string ever breaks, pearls don't slide off to be lost... At most, only the one pearl where the string breaks may be lost.


Pastors are the "Pearls"! The pastors are vital to your region, and must be upheld at all costs. These "pastor pearls" are spiritual gates, as in Rev. 21:21 "The 12 gates were 12 pearls, each gate made of a single pearl..."

There are 12 gates/pearls because there are 12 Apostles. That doesn't mean there are only 12 "pastors" in your region in unity, nor does it mean that these are "five-fold apostles" either. That these gates/ pearls are the Twelve Apostles, points to our pastors as ministers of God's spiritual authority over your region... Not "apostles" who inappropriately "control" the lives of others, but as spiritual authority maintaining and extending the Victory over the principalities and powers in your region.

Also, these "pastor pearls" are "gates" into the Presence of God for your region. Now, everyone knows a pearl isn't the size of one of Heaven's "gates" and if it were, no person could walk through one because they're quite solid. But this Heavenly "pearl" represents that Suffering which Releases God's Mercy -- and every pastor who is led by the Spirit of God, is a "suffering servant" through whom God's " mercy" is released into the lives of God's children. Through honoring our pastors, every Child of God who desires a greater release into the Life and Presence of Christ can find it through the shepherd God has given to each of us.

Knots help keep the pastors lifted up into the places God has put them. The "knots" are "tied" by the prayers and intercessions of the saints...but the "knots" are not the prayers themselves. The "knots" are "Honor". Believers who intercede for their pastors bring honor both to God and to these servants who have suffered for the sake of bringing Christ to your region. As Believers continue to pray for their pastors, they fulfill the role of Aaron and Hur who honored the God of Moses by upholding Moses' authority (his staff, held in his hands -- Ex. 17.12.)

A necklace adorning the Bride! The bride in the vision is the "Bride of Christ"! The unity of the pearls, each held in place in honor by the Believers, is part of the Preparation of the Bride in your region!

The Prophetic Promise

The vision is that of a string of pearls, strung together and each one double-knotted. The Lord is setting before us a strategic opportunity (Gk. topos) -- a koinonia (a project "co-owned" by all who participate.) This is an opportunity to not only press into the Unity of Christ, but for Believers to uphold their pastors in power and authority and thereby release the Preparation of the Bride of Christ throughout this Age!

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