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Traffic building on M60 as authorities warn of 'long delays'  The Bolton News

Long delays are building on the M60 after a crash caused a build-up of traffic.

Traffic building after two rush-hour M27 crashes  Daily Echo

MOTORISTS are facing rush-hour delays after two crashes on the M27.

Local air traffic controllers working without pay during government shutdown

Air traffic controllers are the men and women entrusted to keep their eyes on the sky, but these highly-skilled workers are being directly impacted by the partial ...

Construction report, Jan. 18-25  Coos Bay World

Motorists can expect traffic delays at these road construction projects. The following report is for Jan. 18-25, 2019, and includes ODOT highways in Coos, Curry, ...

Building homes in the frigid cold  Wadena Pioneer Journal

Construction is well underway on a new set of townhomes in the southwestern part of town. Roach Development started construction last September and have ...

Swampscott residents voice concern over traffic, population at forum - Itemlive  Daily Item

SWAMPSCOTT — Traffic and population density were the biggest concerns raised during Thursday night's public forum on the proposed zoning bylaw for the ...

Airport passenger count up from 2018, first yearly increase in traffic since 2014  The Advocate

After experiencing a drop in the last three years, Lafayette Regional Airport increased its passenger counts in 2018 by 9 percent, airport officials said Thursday.

Fire burns through Stanton commercial building, leaves half a million dollars in damage  The News Journal

The two-alarm fire brought multiple companies to bear on the commercial building, which was empty when firefighters arrived.

Ford wants its cars to 'talk' with traffic lights and pedestrians  CNN

Ford is building cars that "talk" with traffic lights, road signs and pedestrians.

Seattle weekend traffic and transit: Womxn’s March and MLK Day  Curbed Seattle

What's affecting getting around this weekend—and how to ride transit to it (or around it)

Expect Road Closures, Traffic For Women’s March And Martin Luther King Jr. Events This Weekend  CBS Sacramento

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — It's going to be a busy weekend in Sacramento as more than 60,000 people are expected in the capital city over the holiday ...

Live: Heavy traffic building as lorry gets trapped under railway bridge  Bristol Live

A lorry has become trapped under a railway bridge in Brislington. It is believed that the incident occurred shortly after 3.30pm this afternoon on Whitby Road.

Clarkstown denies academy's building permit application for Grace Church  The Journal News |

NANUET - Clarkstown's building inspector has denied the permit application filed by the operators of a Ramapo girls school that want to buy Grace Baptist ...

Traffic building as separate crashes partially block A30 at Ashford and Blackwater - live updates  Surrey Live

The two incidents have occurred at differing sections of the same road.

WSDOT: Crews making good progress on building connections to new SR 99 tunnel  KOMO News

SEATTLE -- The Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) continues to give drivers the thumbs up for heeding the warnings about the Seattle ...

Conveyor belt whisks concrete above C-470 traffic lanes, building quicker, smoother, safer highway  The Denver Post

Since a conveyor belt was installed over the eastbound lanes of C-470 two months ago, as part of an ongoing expansion project, about 150000-square-yards of ...

Bing Ads to Exclusively Serve Yahoo Search Traffic Starting in March  Search Engine Journal

Microsoft Bing Ads announced an expanded partnership with Verizon Media which enables Yahoo search traffic to be exclusively served by Bing Ads.

Building maintenance to affect SVHS traffic  Huntington Herald Dispatch

In preparation for a roof and HVAC replacement at Spring Valley High School, administration has announced changes in the normal traffic pattern that are now ...

Crash in downtown Elkton causes traffic detours  Cecil Daily

ELKTON — A two-vehicle crash in downtown Elkton on Wednesday caused minor injuries to one person and resulted in detoured traffic during the afternoon ...

The brain's traffic problems  Science Magazine

The compound eyes of the common fruit fly are normally brick red. But in neurologist Tom Lloyd's lab at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in ...

Christmas holiday traffic building on State Highway 1 north of Wellington

Summer holiday congestion has begun to bite for motorists trying to escape the major centres. At 1.30pm on Friday, drivers travelling north from Wellington on ...

Three-alarm building fire causes traffic problems in Northeast Philadelphia  WPVI-TV

Parts of the Roosevelt Boulevard were shut down on Friday morning as firefighters battled a three-alarm blaze in Northeast Philadelphia.

I-10 eastbound will be closed from 67th Avenue to around 35th Avenue ALL WEEKEND LONG!  ABC15 Arizona

Heads up! Several miles of of I-10 will be closed this entire weekend, as well as many on-ramps, due to construction for the Loop 202 South Mountain Freeway ...

Sealing the deal: Freshwater Education's new building is nearly...  Wadena Pioneer Journal

Driving into Wadena on Hwy 71 is an opportunity to peer out the window and enjoy the scenic beauty of a small town coated with ice and snow. On that drive ...

'Viadoom': Time for the Seattle Squeeze Traffic Hell  CityLab

By closing the Alaskan Way Viaduct, Seattle ushers in a period of short-term commuter pain for long-term waterfront redevelopment gain.

Lebanon students building home for community  CBS 4 Indianapolis

LEBANON, Ind. – There's a unique program giving students in Lebanon the opportunity to build a home. The Construction Trades program offers this class to ...

Air Traffic Controller on Super Bowl: We'll 'Keep the Event Safe' Amid Shutdown  Bleacher Report

National Air Traffic Controllers Association representative Dan McCabe insisted Thursday that the Super Bowl will be kept safe despite the current government ...

Traffic building on M1 after crash near East Midlands Airport  Nottinghamshire Live

Two lanes are closed on the M1 southbound following a crash. The crash happened on the approach to junction 25 of the M1 near to East Midlands Airport.

Heavy traffic as crash partially blocks A3 northbound at M25 Wisley junction - recap  Surrey Live

Police are said to be on scene handling the incident.

Tunnel through an Australian mountain to solve traffic woes? No problem, says Elon Musk  The Straits Times

SYDNEY (AFP) - Australia could become a test ground for another of Mr Elon Musk's massive infrastructure projects after the maverick billionaire tweeted a ...

Chemical facility could bring 300 jobs, but residents wary in Pittsfield Township

Wacker Chemical HQ facility proposed for Pittsfield Township. Dominic Valente | The Ann Arbor News ANN ARBOR NEWS ( Dominic Valente ). Comment.

WHAT TO KNOW: Old City Hall Annex Downtown will be imploded Sunday  WOKV

The old City Hall Annex is set for implosion this weekend, and there are important things to know if you plan to be within a few blocks of the 220 E Bay St.

Historic Chastain Park building destroyed by fire  WSB Radio

The Chastain Park Conservancy's leaders promised to rebuild Saturday after a fire destroyed a historic building the group used as a headquarters.

Air traffic controllers, working without pay, ramp up shutdown pressure  POLITICO

Controllers and other aviation industry workers are planning to rally outside the Capitol building Thursday afternoon to call for the shutdown to be halted.

A13 traffic building after crash partially blocks road near Lakeside Shopping Centre  Essex Live

A crash has taken place on the A13 near Lakeside Shopping Centre that is blocking the carriageway and creating long delays. The incident happened on the ...

Updates: M4 Prince of Wales bridge over Severn blocked after crash - traffic building  Bristol Live

There has been a multi-vehicle collision on the M4 eastbound along the Prince of Wales Bridge this morning, January 9. The road is currently blocked between ...

Virtual cities: Designing the metropolises of the future  BBC News

Simulation software that can create accurate "digital twins" of entire cities is enabling planners, designers and engineers to improve their designs and measure ...

Residents oppose warehouse development plan near Route 24/I-95 interchange in Abingdon  Baltimore Sun

A proposal to build more than 2.4 million square feet of warehouse, commercial and retail space near the Route 24/Interstate 95 interchange in Abingdon faced ...

Truck hauling commercial modular building hit overpass, closing I-684 north for hours: police  The Journal News |

SOUTHEAST - A tractor-trailer hauling a commercial modular building slammed into an overpass and shut down a stretch of Interstate 684 north in Southeast for ...

Seattle tunnel still on track to open February 4

SEATTLE — One week after the Alaskan Way Viaduct closed, construction crews are still on track to finish work necessary to open the tunnel February 4.

R. Kelly attorney speaks out after singer's West Loop studio inspected  WLS-TV

An attorney representing Chicago native R. Kelly addressed the media Thursday, one day after city inspectors found code violations in the embattled R&B ...

Hardin Valley traffic problems to be tackled in fastest-growing part of Knox County  Knoxville News Sentinel

The Metropolitan Planning Commission's community workshop Tuesday will discuss traffic in Hardin Valley, the fastest-growing part of Knox County.

Dublin traffic LIVE: Massive delays on M50 due to northbound crash  Dublin Live

There's traffic chaos on the M50 this evening, with a crash northbound between Blanchardstown and Finglas leading to long delays. AA Roadwatch say there ...

City inspectors find violations at R. Kelly's West Loop studio  WLS-TV

City inspectors entered R. Kelly's recording studio in the West Loop on Wednesday.

‘It was chaos’: Truck crashes into Dartmouth building and vehicle with infant in backseat  Global News

"I looked down to see the baby, and as I looked down, the whole side of the building came flying at me."

A Day In The Life Of: French Decision Scientist Who Juggles Predictive Models And Bengaluru's Traffic Jams Efficiently  Analytics India Magazine

Marion Roussel is as a Senior Decision Scientist at Capital Float where she has been working for the past two years. She is a orginally from French.

Cambridge townhouse project raises traffic concerns  Cambridge Times

Which should come first, the building or the roundabout?

What we know about Boston's potential first recreational marijuana store

The Friend Street dispensary is owned by a company "poised to be one of the largest operators in the country." Read more on

Traffic chaos hits M1 junction 13 at MK/Bedford after collision on A421  Bedford Today

Motorists are facing a heavy start to the morning in Bedford after an accident on the A421.

Optimizing Digital Experience Using a Platform-as-a-service Approach  Knowledge@Wharton

By utilizing a platform in the cloud companies can build applications that work across digital devices and more ably address customer demands in real time.

ArtsCenter needs a new home. Why it won’t be a future county library site in Carrboro.  The Herald-Sun

The ArtsCenter planned to join the town and Orange County in a new civic and library building planned for a parking lot at 203 S. Greensboro St. The timing was ...

Planning experts warn Ontario’s growth plan changes could worsen traffic congestion  Toronto Star

The Progressive Conservatives announced the changes on Tuesday, arguing the amendments would reduce red tape and make it easier to build quickly next to ...

Live Updates: Delays on A52 between Gamston and Saxondale due to burst water pipe  Nottinghamshire Live

A large section of the A52 is closed due to a burst water pipe, according to Highways England. Drivers are currently unable to access the stretch of road between ...

Car damages former Dayton restaurant in morning crash  WHIO

DAYTON — The driver who crashed into a building that was formerly 'Big Daddy's Fish & Chicken' Friday morning will be cited for failure to control, authorities ...

Hull Live: Breaking news, traffic and travel from Hull and East Yorkshire on January 18  Hull Daily Mail

Welcome to today's live news blog where you will find all the latest news, traffic, travel, sport and weather updates for Hull and East Yorkshire on Friday, January ...

LA's Measure M Voters Fund Transit, But Don't Use It  CityLab

Voters who supported L.A.'s Measure M may like transit, but they don't seem to want a city that's built for it.

Vinci hit by “yellow vest” protests in France - News  GCR

French contractor Vinci, the world's largest non-Chinese construction group, has revealed the impact of the “yellow vest” insurrection that has gripped France ...

Heavy M25 traffic and M3 queues around Frimley following crash - live updates  Surrey Live

One lane is closed and there is queueing traffic as a result.

A14 night closure due to emergency bridge repairs  Cambridgeshire Live

Part of the A14 (westbound) is closed while emergency roadworks take place between Godmanchester J24 and Spittals Interchange J23. Lane one (of two) is ...

Avoid The Eastern Freeway - Traffic Is HEAVY After A Bus Rolled  Hit 107

A bus has rolled on the Eastern Freeway near Chandler Highway, with some peak hour stress building for commuters.

Musk slammed on Sydney tunnel quote  Rockhampton Morning Bulletin

Elon Musk says he can build a traffic busting tunnel under Sydney for a billion dollars — and a NSW MP is calling it a game-changer.

Updates: M1 closed; Severe delays on A46 and M6  Coventry Live

Good afternoon everyone and welcome to CoventryLive's daily traffic, travel and news blog. We've had a sprinkling of the white stuff overnight which came as a ...

Ash Vale traffic as motorbike and two-car crash closes road - recap  Surrey Live

Police and ambulance services are said to be at the scene.

TC Planning Commission Eyes 2019 Projects, Priorities  Traverse City Ticker

Traverse City staff are bracing for a “phenomenally busy year,” according to City Planning Director Russ Soyring, who met with planning comm...

More buses to ease congestion and improve efficiency  Kuensel, Buhutan's National Newspaper

Thimphu city will have an additional 34 buses running from Babesa to Dechencholing, connecting with the secondary routes if the budget proposal submitted to ...

Till India can build a footpath, it will remain a third world nation  Times of India

Footpaths are a public good and are almost always provided by the government. They matter most to the poor and disadvantaged who need to walk to work.

LIVE BLOG: FOP President Kevin Graham praises Van Dyke, criticizes CPD  Chicago Sun-Times

As part of a series of character witnesses, Heidi Kauffunger also tells the judge that her brother is a good dad.

How U.S. surveillance technology is propping up authoritarian regimes  Washington Post

NSO Group, an Israeli cyberintelligence firm, makes spyware that it sells to a variety of government clients around the world. It has denied that those surveillance ...

Failing Grayling couldn't organise a traffic jam on a motorway  The Guardian

Also this week: what space aliens would make of Brexit and a Spurs supporter longs for home.

Call for Entries: International Design Competition for Qianhai Public Spaces  ArchDaily

With the implementation of the “Belt and Road” initiative, the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (Greater Bay Area) has become an important part ...

TMR stands its ground as opposition to Royalmount project grows

With surrounding municipalities jumping into the fray, the fight against the proposed Royalmount shopping district is building steam, but the Town of Mount Royal ...

"This will solve nothing!!" - Reaction to new Coventry hospital car park system  Coventry Telegraph

A new system has been brought in at Coventry's hospital car park - meaning you won't need a ticket - but people still don't think it will solve the car park's ...

Traffic building up in Columbia, SC amid Hurricane Florence evacuations  The State

Though lane reversals have been opened on highway I-26, traffic is building up in the Columbia, SC area as many people evacuate from areas likely to be ...

15 Important Conversion Metrics & Business KPIs You Should Track  Search Engine Journal

Want to improve your marketing performance and help your business be more profitable? Then make sure to monitor these conversion metrics and KPIs.

Future Tassie Survey: All your comments  The Mercury

MORE than 1300 Mercury readers completed our recent Future Tassie survey with well over 600 taking the time to give their opinions on what they see as the ...

Raspberry Point Oysters adjusts plan for winter storage facility

A P.E.I. oyster producer wants to build a new storage facility at the North Rustico Harbour but there are mixed feeling in the community about the plans.

Community needs to determine footprint on new Interstate 69 plan now  Daily Journal

For the state, this is the year of buying land through Johnson County for the construction of Interstate 69.For the county, residents and leaders need to take action ...

How to Successfully Do SEO for Zero-Click Searches  Search Engine Journal

Learn all about what the zero-click world will look like and some strategies you can use to win these increasingly prized spots.

Aldi issues important update on plans for Tunbridge Wells site  Kent Live

But the latest news from Aldi hints it may be distancing itself from building behind Eridge Road, where it owns two houses which would have been demolished.

WEATHER-TRAFFIC UPDATE: Temps 30 degrees warmer than this morning; traffic slowly building  Atlanta Journal Constitution

ATLANTA FORECAST Thursday: High: 57 Thursday night: Low: 46 Friday: High: 62 »...

Swiftly changing South First Street is next frontier in Austins development boom  Austin American-Statesman

Tony Villegas grew up in the South First Street area in a bungalow at Gibson Street and Bouldin Avenue where, more than 50 years later, his brother Lawrence ...

Streets shut in Wigan after 'structural problems' found with town centre building  Wigan Today

A street was shut while a major operation was under way in Wigan town centre after suspected structural problems were detected in a building.

How fallen Surrey Mountie's Stetson ended up in Europe puzzles police  Surrey Now-Leader

Constable Terry Draginda's hat is repatriated after being found at a flea market in Hamburg, Germany.

Easter, spring break traffic building on Atlanta roads  Atlanta Journal Constitution

By early afternoon Friday, interstate highways and key roads throughout metro Atlanta already were heavy with traffic. Easter weekend and spring break ...

You Are Not Stuck In Traffic, You Are Traffic  Forbes

Dutch satnav maker TomTom released an outdoor poster in 2010 that proclaimed: “You are not stuck in traffic. You are traffic.” I took a photograph of the poster ...

Utah is building 'vehicle ecosystem' allowing traffic signals to talk with vehicles  KUTV 2News

A state-of-the-art program is being designed in an effort to make roads safer, less congested and easier on the environment. It's called Dedicated Short Range ...

Vehicle vs. building collision causing traffic to be detoured on South Lake Drive  WIS10

A vehicle collision into a building on South Lake Drive is causing inbound and outbound traffic to be detoured.

Lane, street closures set around UW Chemistry Building construction site

Madison streets around the construction site for the UW-Madison Chemistry Building project are in lane closure and street closing mode and will be for the ...

A building nearly collapsed on Federal Highway. And it's been causing traffic heartburn for months.  Sun Sentinel

A building in Dania Beach nearly collapsed on Aug. 9. More than two months later, one northbound lane on Federal Highway remains closed, making traffic ...

Hurricane Florence evacuation blocks I-26, changes traffic  The State

Traffic backed up at the intersection of Interstate 26 and Interstate 77 Tuesday morning as state officials closed the eastbound lanes to make way for Lowcountry ...

Traffic building on Mississippi River Bridge following crash  WBRZ

BATON ROUGE - A crash on the Mississippi River Bridge caused a back-up as crews worked to reach the scene Thursday night.

Trash truck crashes into side of apartment building in Havertown  WPVI-TV

A trash truck has crashed into the side of an apartment building in Havertown, Delaware County.

UW-Madison Chemistry Building construction to impact traffic through 2021 - WISC-TV3

MADISON, Wis. - Construction on the University of Wisconsin Madison's Chemistry Building will continue through 2021, causing various types of lane closures ...

Ohio is building air traffic control for drones  StateScoop

An official from the state's transportation department said it can't focus only on building out more highway lanes forever.

Rocky Top abandoned building fire sees traffic redirected  WATE 6 On Your Side

A massive fire in the early morning hours Wednesday charred an old hospital building in Rocky Top.

Traffic report: To curb congestion, stop building roads  UPI News

The solution to city traffic is to build fewer roads and offer alternative transportation options.

Lane closures, traffic delays possible in downtown Kalamazoo for building construction  WWMT-TV

Traffic is along Michigan Avenue near Park Street saw significant back-ups in downtown Kalamazoo on Friday. A spokesperson for the city said there will be ...

Truck smashes into building in eluding Clark County traffic stop  WHIO

Two males — an adult and a juvenile — were detained by Clark County Sheriff's depu.

New building for UNC Health Care to cause increased traffic in Chapel Hill  The Daily Tar Heel

Think that Chapel Hill traffic can't get any worse? UNC is upgrading its surgical hospital due to outdated operating rooms and a lack of sufficient space for ...

Region's CEOs propose ambitious, costly plan to reduce traffic from Baltimore to Richmond  Washington Post

An alliance of the region's top chief executives is urging ambitious, costly steps to improve commuter rail, bus networks and other transportation systems to ...

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