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Edinburgh LIVE traffic and weather updates - traffic building at Newbridge  Edinburgh Live

Join us as we bring you all of the latest breaking news, up-to-the-minute traffic and sport from the capital.

Stop trying to solve traffic and start building great places  Brookings Institution

Here is one of the biggest reasons we're stuck in traffic—and it signals a need for a new way to guide our future plans and investments.

Traffic building, bus delays early Monday on Staten Island

The winter storm ended early Monday morning, though drivers are cautioned to take it slow Monday on what could be slick roadways.

Schools plan for construction noise, traffic in Manchester this summer  Gloucester Daily Times

MANCHESTER — Work to ready the building site for the new Memorial Elementary School and demolition will begin in late June. With it will come a lot of noise, ...

Water main break floods Boston streets  The Boston Globe

Crews were investigating a water main break in downtown Boston on Sunday that temporarily shut down ambulance traffic at Tufts Medical Center and forced ...

Tired of getting stuck in downtown Sacramento traffic? Here’s why it’s happening more  Sacramento Bee

In Sacramento, construction projects downtown include Fort Sutter Hotel, the Press Building, new state offices, a convention center expansion and housing and ...

CapMetro breaks ground on new MetroRail station in Downtown Austin  KEYE TV CBS Austin

Capital Metro will break ground on a new metro station in Downtown Austin Monday morning. The new station, scheduled to open in Spring 2021, will help ...

Fire In Vacant Building Affected Traffic In Rancho Cordova  CBS Sacramento

RANCHO CORDOVA (CBS13) — Sacramento Metro firefighters knocked down a fire at a vacant structure on Folsom Boulevard Monday afternoon. The fire was ...

Thorlabs unveils plans for new Newton building  New Jersey Herald

NEWTON -- Although it has been known for some time that Thorlabs had purchased several lots and was looking to expand, Wednesday night was the public's ...

“Horrendous” traffic in booming downtown Fort Lauderdale slows 911 response times  Sun Sentinel

Downtown traffic is delaying emergency responders from reaching victims, a dangerous growing pain for the developing city. Fort Lauderdale's urban core is ...

Urban Reads: More Cities Stop Recycling  urbanmilwaukee

Want more links to read? Visit The Overhead Wire and signup. Every day at The Overhead Wire we sort through over 1,500 news items about cities and share ...

George Washington Parkway’s northbound lanes to be closed through the weekend after sinkhole forms  The Washington Post

Updated at 10:00 a.m. Saturday. Crews worked through the night to repair the sinkhole on the George Washington Parkway, officials said. They said additional ...

Smoke odor inside building near bridge shuts down traffic  WWSB

Traffic to the bridge on Stickney Road is currently closed down due to an investigation that is underway to figure out why the odor of smoke was coming from ...

More than 300 protesters march through Oakland  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

More than 300 protesters gathered in Pittsburgh's Oakland neighborhood for about two hours Saturday evening to rally against Friday's acquittal of a former East ...

5-alarm fire in Central City spreads from home to apartment building; 4 people rescued  The Advocate

The New Orleans Fire Department is battling a five-alarm fire in Central City that started about 5:30 a.m. Monday.

Teens goalie mask shows Trump building wall  WSB Radio

A 14-year-old's choice of goalie mask customization has people debating if the art is appropriate. Painted by Doug Wagner for the teen who plays for the ...

Lisa Clarke: Building a community that works for all

To say that we have kicked into high gear this year would be an understatement. With nine ribbon-cuttings scheduled for 2019, we at the Destination Medical ...

Higher traffic volume expected at NNSY Thursday due to Navy exam  WAVY-TV

A higher volume of traffic is expected at Norfolk Naval Shipyard Thursday as the Navy is conducting examinations.

No rest for the weary: Westside commuters face more traffic obstacles  Greater Baton Rouge Business Report

The troubled intracoastal bridge—and westside commuters—can't catch a break. Traffic along La. 1 northbound, which is bad on a normal day, has recently ...

New Limits On Parking Spaces Being Considered

A proposal that could force large commercial and residential properties in the county to have fewer parking spaces in an effort to force greater use of public ...

Security, traffic flow prompts revamp of city hall lobby  Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal

SALTILLO • Saltillo will reconfigure the front of its city hall to create a better traffic flow and improve security.

POLICE LOG | Police, Emergency & Courts  Indiana Gazette

State police discovered an Oil City woman, 18, in possession of marijuana and paraphernalia at 2:22 p.m. Saturday on Wayne Avenue at Lowry Street, ...

SmartLane technology to expand I-670 capacity, relieve traffic congestion  The Columbus Dispatch

Ohio's first “SmartLane” will use technology to ease slogging afternoon commutes on eastbound Interstate 670, but its secret weapon will be sitting behind a ...

Greater Boston's First Pot Shop Opening Weekend Goes 'According To Plan'

The Brookline pot shop's first weekend went smoothly, a spokeswoman said, despite traffic and parking fears.

High-Tech Traffic Management Center Goes Live in Augusta, Ga.  Government Technology

There are 85 traffic signals throughout the county now connected to the network, but the goal is to have over 100 by the end of the year end and connect all of ...

Downtown Burlington bistro to close its doors after Tama Building fire cleanup blocks foot traffic  WQAD Moline

BURLINGTON, Iowa – A downtown bistro that gives jobs to those with disabilities is closing its doors next month partially due to the Tama building fire this past ...

Is traffic hurting the economy?  GreenBiz

Soon after becoming Australia's prime minister last year, Scott Morrison appointed a minister for "congestion busting," signaling the importance he attaches to ...

Siemens To Build 1.4 MW Solar Project Atop Javits Center In NYC  Solar Industry

New York Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo has announced the selection of a developer to design and install up to 1.4 MW of solar on the rooftop of the Javits Center, ...

Repair to disrupt traffic on South Pitt Street in Carlisle Friday  Carlisle Sentinel

Repairs to a water line leading into the Centenary Building will cause some disruption to traffic on South Pitt Street Friday in downtown Carlisle.

What is the legacy of Bishop Joseph Adamec?  WJAC Johnstown

Some are praising the memory of the longest serving bishop in the region's history for transforming the Diocese of Altoona-Johnstown. Many others Friday were ...

Commissioner wants Marion County to bypass Salem to build new bridge over Willamette River  Statesman Journal

Marion County Commissioner Sam Brentano suggested the county spearhead a new bridge project after Salem killed its recent proposal.

Hayward construction will cause traffic changes on East 15th  AroundtheO

Starting April 10, construction on the two-year transformation of Hayward Field and East 15th Avenue will affect access to the Student Recreation Center, UO ...

North Adams Traffic Commission Advises Raising Parking Permit Rates

NORTH ADAMS, Mass. — The Traffic Commission is recommending the same price for parking permits in both the Center Street and St. Anthony Municipal ...

Beat The Big City Traffic By Just Becoming A Human Meteor  Jalopnik

Yesterday on Twitter a few people noticed a stream of light above the evening Los Angeles skyline. Some called it a UFO, others thought it was a meteor.

Driver crashes into building after suffering medical emergency in Indio  The Desert Sun

Paramedics took the driver to a local hospital for treatment. The collision caused one lane to shut down on Highway 111.

Felician University getting pushback over plan to build gym near Iviswold Castle

The university's proposal to build a 20200-square-foot athletic complex has sparked fears over traffic, flooding and views of its historic castle.

Man critically injured after car crashes into building, tree, pole in Salt Lake City

A 22-year-old man was critically injured after the car he was driving collided with a building, tree and pole Thursday afternoon, authorities said.

Can the laws of physics untangle traffic jams, stock markets, and other complex systems?  University of Rochester

Rochester professor Gourab Ghoshal is using the laws of physics to untangle the complex systems behind human behavior, urban planning, and social ...

Woman Struck Pole, Apartment Building Thursday: Police  Waukesha, WI Patch

Woman Struck Pole, Apartment Building Thursday - Waukesha, WI - Waukesha police say a woman is recovering after she swerved at the intersection of ...

Using old Bethel police station during project will help avoid worsening traffic  Danbury News Times

BETHEL — Residents largely supported Tuesday evening the plan to allow a construction company to use the old police station during the renovations to ...

Siemens chosen to build New York City's largest rooftop solar array on the Javits Center  Solar Power World

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced the selection of a developer to design and install up to 1.4 megawatts of solar renewable energy on the green rooftop.

Port apartment building plan draws fire from upset neighbors  Ozaukee Press

A proposed 90-unit apartment building that would be constructed on Port Washington's west side with about a dozen units set aside for adults with disabilities ...

The Netherlands offers critique and solution to Austin street design  Austin Monitor

Cutting traffic fatalities and getting people out of single-occupancy vehicles may seem like impossible tasks here in Austin, but it's actually rather simple, says ...

Residents Concerned about Safety, Parking, Traffic Near Patrick Henry  Alexandria Living Magazine

Alexandria City Public Schools officials took input and comments from community members and parents of students from MacArthur, Patrick Henry and Polk ...

Traffic jams to dollar signs; Brookline optimistic as town preps for NETA retail marijuana shop opening

The New England Treatment Access will be the only retail marijuana dispensary in the Boston area.

Edinburgh LIVE traffic and weather updates - problems on the City Bypass  Edinburgh Live

Join us as we bring you all of the latest breaking news, up-to-the-minute traffic and sport from the capital.

Park City, jammed, forced into temporary one-way Main Street traffic  The Park Record

The crowds in Park City last weekend overwhelmed the parking infrastructure, resulting in a series of reports to the Park City Police Department as people ...

'Very unfortunate and tragic': 2 dead in blaze after car, which evaded traffic stop, crashes into salon

Two people were killed Wednesday night (March 20) when a car evaded a traffic stop and crashed into a well-known Broadmoor salon and beauty supply store, ...

Suspicious package at the Federal Building brings out the bomb squad  WXXI News

A suspicious package found at the Federal Building in Rochester on Tuesday morning caused some big traffic tie-ups in that area. The package was found.

Chick-fil-A plans under review as Camp Hill neighbors worry about traffic, home values  PennLive

The local planning commission did not vote Tuesday on whether to recommend plans for a Chick-fil-A restaurant at the corner of 32nd and Chestnut Streets in ...

18-Story Tower Would Bring More Offices To Fulton Market Gateway, But Neighbors Concerned About Traffic, Safety  Block Club Chicago

FULTON MARKET — An 18-story tower planned next to the Fulton Market gateway sign is sparking traffic concerns from residents in the the booming area.

Time lapse of pink building being demolished to bust down breast cancer

Demolition crews busted down breast cancer as they tore down a pink building in north Tulsa.

80-unit housing development spurs traffic, stormwater concerns in Bethlehem Township  Allentown Morning Call

A nearly 30-acre tract off Farmersville Road in Bethlehem Township could be developed into an 80-unit housing complex — raising some concerns from a ...

Freezing Drizzle, Ice Causes Traffic Chaos for Morning Drive  NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

Widespread freezing mist and drizzle created a dangerous Thursday morning commute for drivers after patches of ice developed on many North Texas bridges ...

M62 slip-road closed at Brighouse plus six car smash in Honley - live updates  ExaminerLive

The latest traffic, news and weather updates for Leeds, Halifax, Bradford, Huddersfield and Wakefield.

Disneyland Update - Spiderman Ride Details Revealed  MiceChat

Welcome back to the Disneyland Resort! There have been a lot of changes this week as well as a few fun pieces of news. The long rumored Spiderman ride has.

Cleveland Clinic building hospital in middle of competitive Lake County market

The Cleveland Clinic plans to build a new hospital in Mentor, expanding its presence in Lake County.

Winter Park office building project raises traffic concerns  West Orange Times & Windermere Observer

Residents who live near the intersection of Lee Road and U.S. 17-92 spoke against the project at the recent Planning and Zoning Board meeting.

One Man's Opinion: Re-Building the Pipeline  WSB Radio

"With a bit of work ethic and any kind of training or certification in our construction trades, you can be employed in days, ranging from a paid apprenticeship ...

An underground loop looks to lessen the hordes of foot traffic in Las Vegas  Digital Trends

The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority wants to tap Elon Musk's The Boring Company to build a new transportation option for people. The proposed ...

After uproar over gas station plan, mayor vows to buy land, build park  Atlanta Journal Constitution

At a recent City Council meeting in Stonecrest, residents were up in arms about the plans for a gas station and convenience store in a wooded, residential area.

Roundabout eyed to ease busy Gateway intersections, but some fear confusion  The News-Press

Lee County Commissioners will be asked to approve $375000 for traffic safety improvements on Gateway Boulevard that may mean new roundabouts.

TRAFFIC ALERT: Largo closed between Abercorn, Tranquila after vehicle crashes into building  Savannah Morning News

UPDATE: The road has re-opened. Savannah police's Traffic Investigations Unit is investigating after a vehicle crashed into a building on Largo Drive between ...

Final Chick-fil-A plans show use of alleys, expected traffic increase  PennLive

Final plans for a proposed Chick-fil-A restaurant at the corner of 32nd and Chestnut streets in Camp Hill show the use of nearby alleys, as well as an expected ...

Gender-neutral bathrooms open in JRC |  Scarlet and Black

By Kelly Page Recently, two new gender-neutral bathrooms opened their doors in the Joe Rosenfield '25 Center (JRC), ending a ...

Effort to remake part of St. Paul Street begins  The Hub at Johns Hopkins

Nine-month streetscape effort designed create a vibrant, walkable retail district in Charles Village, enhance pedestrian safety.

East Parking Building of Sanya Phoenix International Airport / Jing Studio  ArchDaily

Completed in 2018 in Sanya, China. Images by Chao Zhang, Tian Mai. The project is located at the eastern end of the airport area, with a main road to the north, ...

Gables mayoral debate gets testy over traffic, development and animosity of candidates  Miami Herald

Coral Gables Mayor Raul Valdes-Fauli and his challenger, Jeannett Slesnick, a former commissioner, got testy in the candidates' debate before the April 9 ...

How To Save Pedestrians, Tear Out a Highway, and Use Buses to Enhance Our Transit Network  D Magazine

Dallas has long prioritized commuters over city residents, and it's time to reverse the order. That was the central thread on Tuesday, as an auditorium full of ...

Using laws of physics to untangle traffic jams, stock markets, and other complex systems

In 1998 former tech consultant Hank Eskin launched a campaign to track dollar bills. Through the “Where's George?” initiative, dollars were stamped with.

Gateway Project gripes: 4 current headaches, plus reasons for hope for Greenville drivers  Greenville News

The Gateway Project in Greenville has caused a lot of headaches for drivers. But there is hope.

Fire chief hurt after pickup truck crashes into Berks County building  WPVI-TV

A fire chief was taken to the hospital in Berks County after a pickup truck crashed into a building Saturday.

Building on W. Colfax Ave. evacuated by South Bend Fire Department  ABC 57 News

SOUTH BEND, Ind.—A building on W. Colfax Ave. was evacuated on Tuesday due to a carbon monoxide leak. The South Bend Fire Department received a call ...

DDoT quickly fixes dangerously confusing traffic signal after mix-up  WJLA

Traffic light trauma along 14th Street, Northwest. Temporary traffic signals appear to be facing the same direction even though they are intended for different ...

What's the stupidest complaint about building bike lanes?  Treehugger

We have heard that they hurt everything from businesses to butterflies, but Streetfilms finds even more weird excuses. Whenever and wherever bike lanes are ...

More Dubai roads to be smart soon

Dubai: More than half of Dubai roads will soon be equipped with smart traffic management systems as the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) pushes the ...

Bridge replacement on I-295 in Portland will require road closure – for just 1 weekend  Press Herald

The state is moving forward with a plan to replace a busy I-295 bridge in Portland using an accelerated construction method that could mean closing the ...

Why your ecommerce business needs to start as an affiliate site  The Next Web

There is a lot of risk involved in starting an ecommerce business. For one, most would-be merchants don't know what products will sell well and what products ...

Pickup truck crashes through building on Northwest Side  WLS-TV

A pickup truck crashed into a building on Chicago's Northwest Side early Wednesday morning and came out on the other side.

A14 traffic: Delays building between Milton and Histon Interchange  Cambridgeshire Live

An obstruction on the A14 is causing traffic to build up this afternoon (March 19). The A14 westbound is partially blocked, with queueing traffic due to an ...

Baidu's Robin Li suggests at two sessions: building intelligent traffic solutions for better mobility services  盖世汽车新闻

Shanghai (Gasgoo)- Robin Li, a member of the CPPCC National Committee and Chairman of China s Internet giant Baidu, proposed at the Two Sessions that ...

Smoke Causes Traffic Backups on 10 Freeway as Crews Handle House Fire in Pico-Union  KTLA Los Angeles

Firefighters battled a house fire early Friday morning in the Pico-Union neighborhood in Mid-City. Smoke from the fire drifted across the 10 Freeway causing ...

Live: M6 blocked due to crash on carriageway  LancsLive

We will provide more details as they become available.

Chris Evans 'set to net millions' by bulldozing £3.8m Berkshire mansion and building 14 apartments  Daily Mail

Radio host Evans (right) plans to bulldoze the derelict eight-bedroom home he bought for £3.8m and build a new property containing 14 apartments in ...

From video game to day job: How ‘SimCity’ inspired a generation of city planners  Los Angeles Times

SimCity just turned 30. It has introduced millions of players to the joys and frustrations of zoning, street grids and infrastructure funding. For a generation of pros ...

Violent Winds Pummel Tri-State: Scaffolds Fall, Tree Limbs Fly, LaGuardia Orders Ground Stop  NBC New York

Dangerous winds swept across the tri-state Monday, ripping down wires and utility poles, felling trees and sending debris flying in the heart of midtown ...

Van crashes into tax service building in Dayton  WHIO

A van crashed into a structure Sunday on Stanley Avenue and Brandt Street. No one was hurt in the incident that was reported around 3 p.m., according to ...

Elwood vs. New Carlisle: Could proposed industrial park backfire on St. Joseph County?  South Bend Tribune

ELWOOD, Ill. — Dan Caruso, who worries about St. Joseph County's industrial development plans near the town of New Carlisle, took a group field trip earlier ...

581/585 West Putnam Ave Developers Sacrifice Supermarket, Push Ahead with P&Z  Greenwich Free Press

Tuesday night's Planning & Zoning meeting was a long one, and several hours were spent on applications from Ferari Associates for the development at ...

Body of missing Boston woman found in trunk; suspect in custody  WPRI 12 Eyewitness News

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — The body of a missing Boston woman has been recovered and the Providence man accused of kidnapping her last weekend is ...

Ameren truck smashes into Hillsboro apartment building; one person dead  KTVI Fox 2 St. Louis

HILLSBORO, Mo. - One person died Thursday afternoon after an Ameren utility vehicle crashed into an apartment building along Highway 21. Three vehicles ...

Model open houses drawing unprecedented traffic to Ronto’s Seaglass  Naples Daily News

The Ronto Group reported that its model open house events at the completed 26-floor, 120-unit Seaglass high-rise tower at Bonita Bay are drawing ...

Spring Garden Building Partially Collapses  CBS Pittsburgh

A building collapsed in the city's Northside neighborhood Sunday morning; KDKA's Paul Martino reports. Next Video. Fight Breaks Out At 'Us' Screening, Teen ...

East Oakland, despite resistance, edging out SF in building bus rapid transit  San Francisco Chronicle

On a long-neglected stretch of East Oakland, bulldozers are tearing gullies in the asphalt, clearing the path for a bus system that could breathe new life into the ...

Bricks topple from crumbling building, smashing into cars on street be  WHIO

THE BRONX, N.Y. — A scary situation unfolded in Port Morris, New York, in the Bronx Wednesday as bricks toppled off a building, smashing into cars on the ...

Missouri working to modify rule about guns in the Capitol  Jefferson City News Tribune

Missourians won't be allowed to carry a concealed weapon into the Capitol — unless they have a concealed-carry weapons permit — under a modified ...

When four become one: A closer look at rebuilding Moose Jaw schools  Regina Leader-Post

The consolidation of Empire, Westmount, St. Mary and Sacred Heart schools is something the Moose Jaw school divisions have wanted for years.

Basketball Gameday  Auburn Tigers Official Athletic Site

Basketball Gameday Parking Information Seating Chart A-Z Guide Concessions Tickets Address 250 Beard-Eaves Court Auburn, Ala. 36830 Parking.

Recap: North Circular Road reopens after Edmonton crash  MyLondon

The busy North Circular Road in Edmonton was partially closed due to a serious crash. Emergency services headed to the A406, at the junction of Fore Street, ...

Updates: All lanes reopened on M6 near Leyland after multi-vehicle collision involving lorry  LancsLive

One lane on the M6 northbound carriageway has been blocked following a multi-vehicle collision. The incident was reported to police at approximately 10.15am, ...

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