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VOIP Information

VoIP: Finally Worth a Look

Dear Internet Friends, Hundreds of thousands of consumers collectively save millions of dollars each month by replacing (or supplementing) their traditional telephone service with personal voice over IP (VoIP) telephony. Using IP to transmit voice is not new.

Finally Voip Worth a Look!

Everyone can Benefit from this Technology! Voip will be next communication tool in the world. Below are just a few of the most common uses of the ICON Communicator Business Applications Conferencing between two or hundreds of participants.

Things You Should Consider When Selecting a VoIP Provider

The following are very important factors to consider when you are selecting a VoIP provider. Educate yourself and be informed before you choose.

How VoIP Works -- Busting Out of Long Distance Rates

VoIP is the newest advancement in audio communications technology, and has a variety of different applications that make it useful. VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, and how VoIP works is actually quite revolutionary because it streamlines the process of sending analog audio signals by converting them to a much easier to send digital form for transmission.

Broadband Phone Technology - Top 5 Reasons You Should Take Notice

For the uninitiated, the term broadband phone is loosely used to describe the technology currently available where one can make telephone calls from a telephone system that sends the voice signal over your internet connection. The call may terminate at a regular phone line or another broadband phone.

The Single Most Important Thing to Know About Computer Phones (VoIP)

Over 90% of computer phones (VoIP) are not secure because they use a public known codex (publicly known encryption of sound packets) and a publicly known protocol to transport voice conversations. Therefore, users of these type of services are unknowingly exposing themselves to anyone who wants to listen in or access their confidential information.

VOIP: A Basic, Basic Intro

What is it?Most people are familiar w/ NetMeeting and other software that let you talk to others over the internet. VOIP is similar.

What Is VoIP and How Does It Work

IntroductionThe way we make phone calls is changing. In fact in many circumstances things have already changed.

What Do You Know About VoIP?

What is VoIPVoIP is an acronym for voice over internet protocol, aka voice over ip phone. A VoIP, in essence, is a computer phone that allows you to make phone calls from your computer to anyone in the world, e.

Needless HIGH RISK Exposure For Business Using Computer Phones

The Facts? Computer phones (VoIP) offer the most optimal means of communicating when considering quality and cost, and can save businesses up to 80% on their phone bills when calling from PC to PC, to landlines, or to mobile phones, regardless of company size.? Over 90% of all VoIP solutions providers operate on unsecure lines or platforms, whether free or charging for services.

How VoIP Will Affect Every Household and Business in the World

Seattle venture capitalist, Greg Gottesman, calls it "?one of the most important changes in communications in the past 100 years."The Boeing Company announced plans to move its 150,000 employees to an internet-based phone system, and several Seattle area residents are using internet telephones to get cheap rates or, in some cases, free international phone calls.

Is VoIP Good For The Home?

There is no doubt that you have heard about VoIP by now. It's made headlines and is plastered everywhere both in online and TV advertisements.

Instant Menaces or Instant Messengers?

Many vendors offering Instant Messaging (IM) services have added new capabilities such as voice messaging and file sharing. Among others, AOL, Microsoft, and Yahoo offer these IM services.

The Dangers of Peer-to-Peer Systems

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) systems do not operate on secure lines, thus providing a conduit for hackers to enter a network or computer, access personal and confidential information, as well as deploy viruses or worms. Users of P2P systems are prime targets and/or launching points for malicious hacker attacks simply because it requires downloading and sharing electronic files or programs, not to mention usage on publicly open and interpretable industry standard protocols and industry standard codec.

Why Over 90% of VoIP Services Are Vulnerable to Attack

John Ashcroft, Attorney General, in remarks at the High Technology Crime Investigation Association 2004 International Training Conference held on September 13, 2004 stated, "We have seen worms and viruses attack?disrupting basic services?And with the increased use of the Internet and especially peer-to-peer networking, we have seen malicious code spread more quickly and infect more personal computers than ever before. The cost of these worms, viruses, and denial-of-service attacks?reaches into the billions of dollars.

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